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What is wave propagation
Invisable force that enables man to comminicate over long distances
What is a transverse wave?
Type of wave motion ei- radio, light and heat
What is a longitudinal wave?
Sound wave
What is refraction?
When a wave traveling through two different mediums passes through the boundry of the mediums and bends towards or away from the Normal.
What is reverberation?
The multiple reflections of sound waves
What is resonance
It occurs when objects vibrates at its natural freq.
What antenna transmits an electomagnetic wave perpendiculat to the Earth's surface?
Vertically polarized
What antenna transmits an electomagnetic wave parallel to the Earth's surface?
Horizontally polarized
That layer of the atmosphere does virtually all weather take place?
What layer of the atmosphere has a little effect on radio waves?
What layer of the atmosphere has electrically charged ions which aid in long distance comms?
What is the difference between surface waves and space waves?
Surface waves travle along the contour of the earth and space waves travel through the air or can be feflected from the surface of the earth.
What layer of the earth is responsible for low freqs?
What layer of the earth is responsible for high freq and long range transmission?
Define reciprocity
The various properties fo the antenna apply equally to transmitting and receiving.