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Tier 0
"Central Facility"
Fort Meade, and Finksburg
Provides Centralized key management.
Tier 1
Intermediate key generation and distribution center.
Tier 2
Comprised of the EKMS accounts that manage key and other COMSEC material.
Tier 3
Includes CYZ-10 and all other means used to fill key to end cryptographic units.
National Security Agency
Serves as TIER 0
CNO COMSEC responsibilities?
Overall authority for implementation of National COMSEC policy within DON.
Commandant of the Marine Corps
Marine Corps Focal point for EKMS accounts.
The CO
The CO's is responsible for properly administering his/hers command's EKMS account and ensuring compliance with established policy and procedures.
EKMS Manager
An individual designated n writing by the CO to maage COMSEC material issued to a EKMS account.
Alternate EKMS Manager
Individual designated in writing by the CO responsible for assisting the EKMS Manager in the performance of his/her dutes and assuming the dutis of the EKMS Manager in his/her absence.
COMSEC material must be handled and safeguarded based on its assigned _____________ and accounted for based on its _____________.
Classification, Accountability Legend (AL) Code
Which is the short title?
USKAT D 2333
USKAT D 2333
Which is the Edition?
USKAT D 2333
Which is the Serial Number?
USKAT D 2333
What are AL Codes assigned to?
Hardcopy COMSEC material.
How many AL Codes are there?
AL Code 1
COMSEC material is continuously accountable to the COR by accounting (serial/register) number from production to destruction.
AL Code 2
COMSEC material is continously accountable to the COR by Quantity from production to destruction.
AL Code 4
After initial receipt to the COR, COMSEC material is locally accountable by quantity and handled/safeguarded based on its classification.
What 2 AL Codes are assigned to electronically generated keys?
AL Codes 6 and 7.
What is AL Code 6?
COMSEC material that is electronically generated and continously accountable to the COR from production to destruction.
What is AL Code 7?
COMSECmaterial that is electronically generated and locally accountable to the generating facility.
Is the marking "CRYPTO" a security classification or a caveat?
What is the difference between:
USKAT is physical tape, and USKAD is digital
If you had USKAT 166 and you entered it into a CYZ 10 what would its AL Code change to?
Give both examples.
AL Code 1 would become AL Code 6.
Al Code 4 would become AL Code 7.
Transfering COMSEC outside the account command requires whos approval?
COMSEC keying material will always be in one of three status conditions. What are they?
What does condition "Reserve" mean?
Held for future use.
What does condition "Effective" mean?
In use to support operational requirement.
What does condition "Superseded" mean?
No longer authorized for use; must be immediately destroyed.
How many ways can COMSEC be superseded?
What is "Regular" supersession?
Supersession based on a specific, pre-determined supersession dat for each edition of material.
What is "Irregular" supersession?
Supersession that is NOT pre-determined but which occurs as a result of use.
What is "Emergency" supersession?
An unplanned change of supersession, usually as the result of a compromise.
COMSEC keying aterial packaged in canisters has a preprinted digraph, consisting of 2 letters, printed to the left of the short title. What do they mean?
First letter: ID's the number of different key settings within the canister, the number of copies of each key setting, and the total number of segments in the canister.
Second letter: ID's the cryptoperiod.
A EKMS manager is designated by whom?
Can you be assigned as EKMS manager of more than one account?
What is the lowest enlisted rank you can be to serve as a EKMS manager?
Commissioned officers and civilian government employee GS-7 or above must have a minimum of how many months before being assigned EKMS manager?
6 months
Alternate managers must hold the grade of at least enlisted ___ or civilian government employee of at least ____.
E-5, GS-5
How many days after initial appointment does the Primary EKMS Manager have to complete the Navy EKMS COI?
90 Days
How many days after initial appointment does the alternate EKMS Manager have to complete the Navy EKMS COI?
180 Days
How many alternate EKMS managers can one command have?
By CO's discretion
What is the Chain of Command in refrence to COMSEC?
CO, EKMS Manager, Alternate EKMS Manager, Local Element, Account Clerk, Witness
CO's responsibilities and duties?
-ensure compliance with policy and procedures governing the safeguarding and handling of COMSEC
-Appoint in writing EKMS M., EKMS A., LE, an Account Clerk
-Establish in writing a list of all personal authorized access to keying material
-ensure training procedures are adequate to meet OP reuirements
-COMSEC reports are promptly submitted and action taken as required
-Extend cryptoperiods as applicable
-Ensure that the CMS PQS is incorporated into the command training program
-Ensure there are procedures to ID and report potential security risks with personal who have access to COMSEC
-Ensured that unannounced spot checks are conducted
-Recieve debriefings from CMS A&A Training Teams
-Ensure that duties are listed in evals and service records
-Ensure inventories are completed at COC
-EKMS manager is a primary duty