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What are the skin's barriers?
Salts inhibit microbes
Lysozyme hydrolyzes peptidoglycan
Fatty acids inhibit some pathogens
What are the mucous membranes' barriers?
Line body cavities
Epithelial cells glued to an extracellular matrix
Cells secrete mucus
Some have cilia
What are normal microbiota of the skin?
Gram-positive, salt-tolerant bacteria.
What are the three types of normal microbiota?
Exanthem is...?
Skin rash arising from another focus of infection.
Enanthem is...?
Mucous membrane rash arising from another focus of infection
Vesicles are...?
small fluid-filled lesions.
Bullae are...?
Larger fluid-filled lesions
Macules are...?
flat lesions (often reddish)
Papules are...?
Raised lesions
Pustules are...?
pus filled papules
What is S. epidermidis?
gram-positive coccli, coagulase-negative
What is coagulase?
an enzyme that causes blood to clot.
What is S. aureus?
Gram-positive cocci, coagulase-positive
Exfolliative toxin
What is Leukocidin?
an enzyme that kills white blood cells.
Folliculitis is...?
Staphylococcal infections of hair follicles
Sty is...?
Staphylococcal folliculitis of an eyelash
Furuncle (or boil) is...?
Abscess-pus surrounded by inflamed tissue(staph)
Carbuncle is...?
Extensive furuncle invading other tissue around the infection.(staph)
Other S. aureus infections
Impetigo of newborns(lots of S. aureus)
Scalded Skin Syndrome
Toxic Shock syndrome
What is TSS?
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Thought to be caused by a toxin.
TSS in the 1980s strongly associated with tampon usage
--nonmenstrual TSS occurs more frequently today in men and women.
What are the warning signs for TSS?
Sudden fever (usually 102 or higher)
Fainting or near fainting when standing up
A rash that looks like a sunburn
What is S. pyrogenes?
Beta-hemolytic streptococci
Has serotypes A-T
--A tend to be pathogenic
Divided into 80 different immunological types according to the antigenic properties of the M protein found in some strains
What are M proteins?
prevent the activation of complement system(antimicrobial proteins that are part of the immune system)
What is Erysipelas?
Streptococcal skin--
infects dermal layer of skin
What is Impetigo?
Streptococcal skin--
Localized pustules that become crusted and rupture.
What are streptokinases and Hyaluronidase?
Invasive Group A Strep Infections--
damage other enzymes
What is Exotoxin A?
Invasive Group A Strep Infections--
Super antigen(toxin)
What is Cellulitis?
Invasive Group A Strep Infections--
Attack of solid tissue
What is Myositis?
Invasive Group A Strep Infections--
Attack of muscle
What is necrotizing fasciitis?
Invasive Group A Strep Infections--
Attack of tissue covering muscle
What is P. aeruginosa?
A Pseudomonas Infection
Gram-negative, aerobic rod
Pyocyanin produces a green pus
What is Pseudomonas dermititis?
A pseudomonas Infection
IE Hot Tub Rash
What is Otitis externa?
A pseudomonas Infection
IE Swimmer's Ear
What are post-burn infections?
A pseudomonas Infection
80% of burn victims get this.
What is Comedonal acne?
Occurs when sebum channels are blocked with shed cells.
What is inflammatory acne?
Propionibacterium acnes
--gram-positive, anaerobic rod
Antibiotics, peroxide, visible blue light
What is nodular cystic acne?
Deep scarring infections
Isotretinoin treatment(acutane)
What is Scabies?
The mite Sarcoptes scabiei burrows in the skin to lay eggs
500,000/yr in US
Treatment: topical insecticides
What is Pediculus humanus capitis?
Head louse (lice)
What is p.h. corporis
Body louse (lice)
--Feed on blood
--Lay eggs(nits) on hair
--Topical insecticide treatment