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What is the Epithelial Ab?
Where is IgA produced?
In mucosal lymphoid tissues
What is IgA specialized for?
Transport across mucosal epithelium
What percent of the total daily antibody production consists of IgA?
What factor stimulates production at mucosal surfaces?
What molecule holds two IgA molecules together as a dimer?
A J-chain
How does IgA get across mucosal epithelial cells?
By being bound to Poly-Ig receptor, and endocytosed as a complex by the epithelial cells.
How does IgG get into the fetus?
Via the fetal FcR
What is Vaccination?
The process of stimulating protective adaptive immunity to specific microbes by exposure to non-pathogenic forms or components of the microorganism.
What is an "attenuated" microbe?
One with diminished infectivity or pathogenicity.
Can an attenuated microbe still generate an immune reaction?
Yes, with robust formation of neutralizing antibodies!
What is a technique that is done to increase the efficiency of protection conferred by a vaccine?
Conjugate vaccine
What is a conjugate vaccine?
Injection of a microbial polysaccharide coupled to a protein
Can vaccines only be done for antibody protection?
No; vaccines can be directed against viruses too, with cell-mediated immune responses.
What is the purpose of giving a live bacterial adjuvant along with a non-bacterial vaccination?
A non-bacterial vaccine target alone will not upregulate B7, so it won't activate a cell-mediated memory very well. But give live bacteria will cause more presentation.