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what are the 3 major phenotypic groups of archaea?
methane producing
extreme halophilic
extreme thermophilic
eucararchaeota contains all 3
what are 4 general characteristics of methane producing bacteria?
1.strict aerobes
2.have some rep of all temp groups
3.most cocci and rod
4.obtain energy by methane biosynthesis
what are the 3 types of methanogenesis in archaea?
type 1 - co2 reducing
type 2 - methyl reducing
type 3 -aceticlastic
in type 1 co2 is reduced to what?
what are the e donors?
what can some species use as an e donor?
methane ch4
h2 and formate
in type 2 c1 comppounds are reduced to what?
where are e- obtained from?
methane ch4
additional methyl group which is oxidized to co2
in type 3 - acetate is converted to what?
ch4 and c02
methanogensis is what kind of respiration?
anerobic respiration
what are the substrates for methanogensis?
fermentative products from bacteria and eucarya
How many families and genus are halophilic?
1 family and 14 genus
closely related
what concentration do halophiles grow best at?
conc of nacl higher than 1.8 most grow at 4.0
Some halophiles are also _ with ph optimum of _
many haloarcheae can undergo photosynthesis using what?
how do archaea survive in high salt?
conc of solutes is the same on outside and inside, enzymes usually require such high salt cond for activiation and may denature when too low
the extreme thermophile archaea group includes _ and _
thermophiles and hyperthermophiles
many archaea extreme thermophiles have the optimum temp of _
greater than 80 degrees
what type of organism are extreme thermophiles? what energy sources do they use?
h2 h2s and S
some use S as an e- donor others use it as e acceptor
acidoiu uniformus can use it for both