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organizational culture
system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within an org and guidges the behavior of its membors. aka corporate culture
external adaptation
involves reaching goals and dealing wit houtsiders regarding tasks to be accomplished, methods used, and way of coping after
internal integration
creation of collective identity and finding ways of matching methods of working and living together
a group of individuals with a unique pattern of values and philosophy
those whos philosophy rejects the surrounding culture
heroic accounts of organizational accomplishments
standardized and recurring activities that are used at special times to influence organizational members
systems or rites
organizational development
application of ob to improve org
outcome goals in od
deals with issues of external adaptation
process goals
deal with issues of internal integration
organizationwide OD interventions
survey feedback, confronation meetings, structural redesign, and collateral organization
group and intergroup od interventions
team building, process consultation, intergroup team building
individual od interventions
role negotiation, job redesign, and career planning