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procedural memory
includes memories of how to preform behaviors
Declaratice memory
includes memories of facts, has two subdivisions (semantic and episodic)
Semantic Memory
includes memories of general knowladge such as the definition of a omlett or the components of a word processor
Episodic Memory
memories of personal experiances tied to particular times and places such as the last time u made an omlett
Hermann Ebbinghaus
first formal reasercher on forgetting, studied memory by repeating lists using nonsence syllables to himself, found the worst recall was that of those in the middle of the list
Serial position effect
the idea that it is easier to remember things at the begining and ends of lists
primacy effect
the recall of the items at the begining of the list
recency effect
recall of items at the end of the list
Method of Savings
even when we can not recall information much of it remains stored in our memory, even though it is inessesable (ex. not needing to study a list as many times as u had to before)
forgetting curve
shows rapid initial forgetting followed by less and less forgetting over time, even for information learned years before
decay theory
memories fade over time
a claim made by freud that says the process by whihc emotionally threatening experiances are banished from the unconsious mind (recovered memories)
Elizabeth Loftis
a leading memory reasercher said that recovered memories are created through suggestive therapy (Gary Romona whoes daughter accused him of murder)