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What is denial?
Refusal to acknowledge a part of reality
What is repression?
Threatening thoughts are pushed into the unconscious
What is suppression?
Consciously putting a threating or distressing thought out of one's awareness
What is rationalization?
Developing an acceptable (to self) reason for behavior or outcome
What is reaction-formation?
Engaging in a behavior that is opposite of true behaviors (homophobia)
What is sublimation?
Anxiety channeled into a socially acceptable behavior (e.g. running)
What is compensation?
Making up for a deficit by success in another area (I may be ugly, but I'm really smart)
What is projection?
Placing own undesirable traits onto another--blaming others for difficulty (the others were cheating)
What is displacement?
Directing feelings about one object/person toward a less threatening object/person (e.g. kick the dog)
What is identification?
taking onto oneself the traits of others that one desires (e.g. Joanne)
What is introjection?
Symbolic incorporation of another into one's own personality (after wife's death, husband gets symptoms of disease)
What is conversion?
Anxiety is converted into a physical symptom that is sensory or motor in nature (e.g. paralysis)
What is symbolization?
Representing an idea or object by a substitute object or sign (e.g. man spurned by librarian develops a hatred of books)
What is dissociation?
separation or splitting off of one aspect of mental process
What is undoing?
behavior opposite of earlier thought (flowers for Jonathan)
What is regression?
Behavior from an earlier stage of development
What is isolation?
Separating emotions from cognitive thought
What is splitting?
viewing people and situations as either good or bad