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chemosurgery (chemical peel)
technique for restoring wrinkles, scarred, or blemished skin by application of an acid solution to 'peel' away the top layers of skin
destruction of tissue by freezing
[involves application of an extremely cold chemical (eg: liquid nitrogen)]
surgical removal of frozen epidermis using wire brushes & emery papers to remove scars, tattoos, and/or wrinkles
[aerosol spray is used to freeze skin]
removal of dead tissue from a wound or burn site to promote healing & prevent infection
to clean; scraping of a wound using a spoon-like cutting instrument
[called a curette; this technique is used in debridement]
electrosurgical procedures
use of electric currents to destroy tissue
electrosurgical procedures:
1- electrocautery
use of instrument heated by electric current (cautery) to coagulate bleeding areas by burning the tissue
(eg: to sear blood vessel)
electrosurgical procedures:
2- electrodesiccation
use of short, high-frequency, electric currents to destroy tissue by drying
[--active electrode makes direct contact with skin lesion
(desicco=to dry up)]
electrosurgical procedures:
3- fulguration
to lighten; use of long, high-frequency, electric sparks to destroy tissue
[active electrode does NOT touch the skin]
incision and drainage (I&D)
incision and drainage of infected skin lesion
[eg: an abscess]
laser surgery
surgery using laser in various dermatological procedures to remove lesions, scars, tattoos, etc
laser surgery:
- laser
light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
[an instrument that concentrates high frequencies of light into a small, extremely intense beam that is precise in depth & diameter; it is applied to body tissues to destroy or for dissection (cutting of parts for study)]
Mohs surgery
technique used to excise tumors of the skin by removing fresh tissue layer by layer until tumor-free plane is reached
skin grafting
transfer of skin from one body site to another to replace skin lose through burns or injury
skin grafting:
1- autograft
transfer to a new position in body of same person
skin grafting
2- homograft (allograft)
donor transfer between indviduals of same species
[such as human to human (homo=same)(allo=other)]
skin grafting
3- xenograft (heterograft)
graft transfer from one animal species to one of another species
(xeno=strange) (hetero=different)