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What is the first word of the play?
_____ shall we meet again?
What is another name for the witches?
the Weird Sisters
What were the three prophesies the witches had for Macbeth?
Thane of Glamis
Thane of Cawdor
King of Scotland
What was the phrophesy the witches had for Banquo?
Banquo's sons shall be kings
Which two traitors betrayed Scotland?
Macdonwald and Thane of Cawdor
Which country was Scotland at war with at the beginning of the play? Who was the ruler of this country at the time?
Norway; Sweno
What is Macbeth's father's name?
Who told Macbeth that he has become Thane of Cawdor?
Ross and Angus
Why didn't Lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself?
she said that the sleeping Duncan looked too much like her father
Who was at the door when the porter answered?
Macduff and Lennox
In the porter's speech, what event did he indirectly make reference to?
the Gunpowder plot
What three things did the porter say are the effects of drinking?
red noses, urine, and sleep
What did Lady Macbeth do to keep Duncan's body guards from interfering with Duncan's murder?
she put sleeping potion in their wine
What couldn't Macbeth say when he was killing Duncan?
What hallucination did Macbeth experience before he killed Duncan?
a dagger
Why had Macduff come to the castle?
he was supposed to wake up Duncan
What is Macbeth's castle called?
Who is Thane of Fife?
Who are the two sons of Duncan?
Donalbain and Malcolm
Who did Duncan choose as his heir?
What title did Duncan give to Malcolm?
Prince of Cumberland
Why did Malcolm and Donalbain flee after hearing of their father's murder?
they were afraid they'd be next
Where did Malcolm flee to?
Where did Donalbain flee to?
Which two people did Macbeth kill after killing Duncan?
the two bodyguards
Why did Macbeth really kill Duncan's body guards?
he didn't want them to tell their version of thes story
What reason did Macbeth give Macduff for killing the bodyguards?
he said he killed them out of anger
Who was the king of England at this time?
What type of lunch did the witches say the sailor's wife was eating?
chestnut lunch
Who is the queen of the witches?
Why was Hecate angry at the wishes?
The told Macbeth about the future without her permission.
Who was talking to the Old Man?
Who became king after Duncan?
Where was Macbeth crowned?
Which of the following did not go to Scone to see Macbeth being crowned: Macduff or Ross? Where did this person go to instead?
Macduff; Fife
How many murderers did Macbeth originally get to kill Banquo?
Who is the son of Banquo?
How many murderers showed up to kill Banquo and Fleance?
True or false?: Fleance was killed by the murderers, but Banquo escaped.
False(Fleance escaped, Banquo was killed)
Who's ghost visited the banquet?
True or false?: Macduff did not attend the banquet.
Where did Macduff flee to?
What did Macduff ask Malcolm to do?
attack Macbeth
What did Malcolm think Macduff was trying to do?
trick him
What did Malcolm do to test Macduff?
he said that he would be a worse leader than Macbeth
How many forces did Malcolm receive to fight Macbeth with?
Where was Duncan buried?
Which leader of England helped Malcolm and Macduff fight Macbeth?
When Macbeth returned to the witches, what were they doing?
circling a cauldron, cooking something, and chanting
What wat the first apparition Macbeth saw? What did it say?
an armored head; beware Macduff
What was the second apparition Macbeth saw? What did it say?
a bloody child; no man of woman born shall kill Macbeth
What was the third apparition Macbeth saw? What did it say?
a crowned child holding a tree; Macbeth shall be safe until Birnham wood moves to Dunsinane
What vision did the witches show Macbeth after the apparitions?
the children of Banquo as kings and a bloody Banquo smiling
How many sons of Banquo did the vision show as kings?
Who's family did Macbeth destroy?
What did Lady Macduff tell her son that happened to Macduff?
he died
True or false?: Young Macduff believed his mother that Macduff was dead.
What did Lady Macduff tell her son that Macduff was?
a traitor
True or false?: Lady Macduff was forewarned by a messenger that murderers were coming for her.
What was Lady Macbeth doing during the night?
While sleepwalking, what was Lady Macbeth imagine she was doing with her hands?
washing them
What did Lady Macbeth imagine she had on her hands?
spots of blood
What did Lady Macbeth keep next to her bed at all times?
a light
What is the name of one of Macbeth's servants?
What people did the English forces meet with in Birnham wood?
rebels of Scotland
Why did the English forces carry branches from Birnham wood as they approached Dunsisnane?
to disguise the number of soldiers they had
Who is the son of Siward?
Young Siward
What happened to Young Siward?
Macbeth killed him
Why did Macbeth think that Young Siward couldn't kill him?
he was born of a woman
How did Siward react to his son's death?
he said he died bravely and there couldn't be a better way to die
Who killed Macbeth?
What did Macduff tell Macbeth that surprised him?
Macduff was born of c-section and wasn't naturally born of a woman.
How was Macbeth killed?
his head was chopped off
Who became king of Scotland after Macbeth's death?
Who killed Lady Macbeth?
Lady Macbeth
After Macbeth killed Duncan and he asked his wife if she heard anything, what two noises did Lady Macbeth say she heard?
the sound of an owl and crickets
Which gate were Macduff and Lennox knocking at when the Porter answered?
the South Gate
For who was the play written for?
James I