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What is the order of blood cell count from greatest to least in normal adult?
1. RBC
2. Platelet
3. Leukocyte
What is the order of leukocyte types in blood count for normal adult?
1. Neutrophils
2. Lymphocytes
3. Monocytes
4. Eosinophils
5. Basophils
PMN also known as?
Who are "heavy lifters" of immune system?
PMN leukocytes and Monocytes
What do PMN leukocytes and monocytes do?
Phagocytize antigens and destroy through intracellular mechanisms.
What happens to PMN after antigen is removed?
They die.
What are the first cells to arrive at site of infection?
PMN leukocytes.
What are the PMN's, and give brief description of each.
1. Neutrophils (primary phagocytizing cell)
2. Eosinophils (primary for parasitic response)
3. Basophils (for immediate inflammation responses, but sometimes detrimental such as allergic reactions)
What does macrophages differentiate from?
Macrophages can be phagocytic and what?
Antigen Presenting Cells (APC).
Antigen Presenting Cells (APC's) are derived from what cell lineage?
Myeloid lineage.
What are the types of APC's? x4
1. Macrophages
2. Dendritic cells
3. B lymphocytes
4. Thymic epithelial cells
What is the principle APC?
Dendritic cell.
What does B lymphocytes recognize?
B lymphocytes recognize free antigens.
What does T lymphocytes recognize?
T lymphocytes recognize antigens bound on MHC of cell surfaces.
APC presents exogenous antigens to what?
CD4 T cell (T helper cell)
CD4 T cells AKA?
Th cell (T helper cell)
Exogenous antigens are associated with what type of MHC protein?
APC presents endogenous antigens to what?
CD8 T-cell (T cytotoxic cell)
CD8 T-cells AKA?
Tc cell (T cytotoxic cell)
Endogenous antigens are associated with what MHC?
What type of surface receptors do B and T lymphocytes express?
Antigen specific receptors
What do B-cells synthesize?
What to T-cells participate in?
Cellular immune responses (the brains of the system that never get their hands dirty)
How do you tell the difference between a B-cell and a T-cell
They look the same, but you can tell the difference by looking at the protein spectrum of receptors on the cell surface
What is a plasma cell?
A fully mature B-cell (with the help of T-helper cells) that if an antibody synthesis and secretion factory.
What cells have antigen binding receptors (antibodies)?
In general, what do T-helper cells do in cellular response immunity?
Make cytokines that influences other cells in inducing immune responses.
In general, what to T-cytotoxic cells do in cellular response immunity?
Targes cells with MHC antigens and convinces them to apoptosis.
T/F - Natural Killer cells are B lymphocytes.
False - they are neither B or T, but just another granular lymphocyte.
T/F - Natural Killer cells need to be activated.
False - They don't need to be activated. They already are, but can be further activated.
What do Natural Killer cells destroy?
Damaged cell or abnormal cell.
What are the primary sites of the lymphatic system?
Bone Marrow and Thymus
What are some secondary sites of lymphatic system?
Peripheral lymph nodes, Adenoids, Tonsils, Spleen, etc.
What is the primary function of secondary lymphoid tissues?
Optimize antigen-lymphocyte interactions.
Where does T and B-cells cross out of blood circulation?
Post capillary venuoles.
What does it mean for a cell to be naive?
They have not encountered their specific antigen or MHC complex.
What do naive cells secrete in order to adhere to HEV (High cubuidal Epithelial tissue)
Once activated, how do T and B-cells stay in circulation?
The down express selectin.
What occurs in germinal centers?
The place of activation.
Trace the circulation of T-cells.
Blood vessels -->
post capillary venuoles -->
lymph nodes -->
exit lymphatic vessel (efferent) -->
Thoracic duct -->
Blood circulation