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What is the thorax?
Costal cartilage
thoracic vertebrae
What are the false ribs?
Ribs 8-10. They share a common anterior attachment at the costal cartilage, or have no anterior attachment
What are the floating ribs?
Within the lower 5 Ribs
First 3 attach at costal cartilage
11 & 12 have no anterior attachment
Where are the ribs?
On the anterolateral thorax.
Where is the sternum?
Has 3 parts:
Manubrium - top
Body - inbetween
Xiphoid process - terminal part of Sternum
What are the 3 main muscles of respiration?
External intercostals
Internal intercostals
What are the 3 main muscles of respiration?
External intercostals
Internal intercostals
What does the Spinal Accessory Nerve innervate?
SCM Sternocleidomastoid
What does the Cervical Nerves innervate?
Scaleni, located in the neck(contains cervical vertebrae)
What do the Spinal Nerves innervate?
Erector Spinae Group
What do the Intercostal Nerves Innervate?
External and Internal Oblique
Rectus Abdominis
What does the Phrenic nerve innervate?
Where is the Carotid Artery?
In the neck, supplying blood
Where is the Suprasternal Notch?
Superior border of the manubrium
What do the external and internal intercostals do? The diaphragm?
E&I function at ribs to expand and depress the thorax.
Externals - superficial
Internals - mostly deep

Diaphragm - dome shaped, forms basement of thoraxic cavity
Where is the Femoral Artery?
Where leg connects w/body, in that crease. Is a continuation of the external iliac, serves the leg
What is sternum?
Breast plate, articulates w/costal cartilage of 1st SEVEN ribs, true ribs