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You have just added a second hard disk to your Linux computer. The new disk has a SCSI controller. When you create the first partition on this new disk, what will it be named?
You create a filesystem by using the what command?
This command is used to do a low level format & create a filesystem on a floppy diskette?
floppy devices are usually listed as?
dev/fd0 or dev/fd1
Directory where shared libraries are stored?
Configuration files for the system are stored in this directory?
Virtual filesystem containing information about kernels and processes are stored in this directory?
Log files and other files that change while the system is running are stored in this directory?
data structure used to store the above information pertaining to each file with the exception of the file's name.
each file only has 1
While loading, the kernel prints messages to the display and saves them to this file?
This command prints out the last messages in the kernel message buffer?
It is responsible for creating processes that the rest of the system will use, such as login shells
init daemon
last thing the kernel does
The init daemon's actions are controlled by this configuration file
Runlevels 0 and 6 are reserved for
halt & reboot
This mode is often used for system administration tasks such as recovering a corrupt filesystem
single-user mode
the init daemon does not read the /etc/inittab file. Instead the default action lets the admin login with the root account.
You can change the runlevel by using the command init. Its syntax is
init [run level]
This script handles tasks such as activating the swap partition, checking filesystem integrity, and mounting your filesystems.
resides in /etc/rc.d
pieces of kernel code that can be loaded and unloaded while your system is running.
Common boot loader that can reside on your hard disk or your boot floppy. It is executed when the system boots.
lilo's config file is located here?
Run this command every time you make any changes to the lilo configuration file.
Only the superuser (root) account can run the shutdown command unless this file exists