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Define the Acronym "Aspirins"
A= Assess before Action
S=Start Where the Client is
P=Preserve life over all
I=Informed Consent/Take Issue to group
R=Rule out organic
I=Influence-Do not treat under
N=Non Judgemental attitude
S=Self Determination
Define 5 social worker roles
What interview skill is most commonly used with borderlines?
How many phases in practice?
Beginning (Preparation)
Middle (works phase)
Ending (Referrel, Termianation, transfer)
What happens in the beginning Stage of Practice?
Acceptance, Assessment-Biopsychosocial, Contracting, Individualizing, Intake, client ambivalence, voluntary or involuntary status, tuning in
What happens in the middle stage of practice?
Recontracting, reassessment, slump, working through
What happens in the ending phase of practice?
abandonment,loss, anger, assessing goal fulfillment, denial, evaluation, flight into health, recapitualation, regression, reintroduce problem, sadness, summarization
What is the Charity Organization Society
They were privately administered and philanthropically funded organizations that were the essential forerunners of modern social service agencies. COS workers were known as "friendly visitors"
What is the treatment of choice for depression?
Cognitive Therapy
Define Ego Psychology
Psychosocially oriented concepts that build on freudian theory, but emphasize the individuals, adult development and ability to solve problems and deal with social realities
Define Scapegoating
A member of a family or group who has become the object of displaced conflict or unfair criticism
Define Double Bind (Meta Communication)
A form of paradoxical communication in which one person expresses a message that can be interpreted in two or more contradictory or mutually exclusive ways and the recipient of the message is prevented from escaping the consequences or commenting on the contradiction or Competing demands to which a person must respond
What are the three types of leadership roles of group therapist?
Authoritarian, Democratic, Laissez-faire
What is Conjoint Therapy?
A type of intervention in which a therapist treat a family by meeting with the members toghether for regular sessions
Define Life space interviews
Take place in settings where problem occurs