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People associated with Strategic Family Therapy
Milton Erikson
Jay Haley
Chloe Madanes
Don Jackson
Mental Research Institute (MRI)
The Milan Group
The goal of Strategic Family Therapy is to
resolve the family's current problem
In Strategic Family Therapy, dysfunction is regarded as
the cause and result of rigid and repetitive interactional patterns.
In Strategic Family Therapy the two types of change are
first-order: superficial, does not cause change in a system

second-order: basic change in structure and functioning of family system
Three techniques of Strategic Family Therapy are
-identify the problem
-specify explicit concrete goals for therapy
-select and apply appropriate treatment strategies
According to Jay Haley
Strategic therapy isn't a particular approach or theory, but a name for the types of therapy where the therapist takes responsibility for directly influencing people
A therapist employing strategic therapy must
-Identify solvable problems.
-Set goals.
-Design interventions to achieve those goals.
-Examine the responses.
-Examine the outcome of the therapy.