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How far from an aerodrome is a cross country considered?
What is Carpart 12?
Accidents, Incidents and Statistics
When can you access an aircraft after an accident?
-Remove People/Livestock
-Protect Wreckage/Cargo
-Deactivate Data recorder/E.L.T/Voice Recorder
-Prevent Obstruction if no alternative.
How long must records be preserved for after an accident?
14 Days
What is Carpart 19?
Transition Rules
Where do you wear an Airport Identity Card?
Front of your outside guarment.
What can you have instead of an Airport Identity Card?
Posession of another identity document.
What is Carpart 43?
General Maintenance
What conditions must a pilot have before they can do maintenance?
Must have PPL,
Must be shown how.
What is Carpart 61?
Pilot licenses and ratings.
How long do you have to finish all your examinations for PPL?
2 years
How long do you have to finish all your examinations for CPL and ATPL?
3 years
Once you have your examination credit, how long until you must sit your flight test?
3 Years for PPL and CPL.
10 Years for ATPL.
What features must a dual instruction aircraft has?
Full functioning dual flight controls,
Almost no parallax error,
3point safety harness,
Intercommunicaton system.
Can you use pencil in your logbook?
No, must use indelible ink.
How long must you retain your logbook for?
Permanently. (12 months if revoked)
How long until you must enter a flight into logbook?
7 Days,
14 Days if overseas,
48 Hours after returning to base.
What medical certificate must you have for a PPL?
Class 2.
How do you keep your licence Recent?
3 take off and landings within the preceeding 90 days.
What must you have to hold an aircraft type rating?
-Conversion Instruction
-B.G.T rating if turbine
-Demonstrate Technical Knowledge
What must you have to go solo?
-16 Years of age
-Class 2 Medical
-Being Supervised my instructor
-Signed off by B/A Cat
-Dual instruction within 5 hrs
-Experience in aircraft within 30 days
-Written examination credit
What must you have to get your PPL?
-17 years of age
-50 Hours (40 without cross country rating)
-Examination Credit
-Demonstrate ability to flight instructor
-May tow gliders (free)
-May parachuters (free)
What must you have to get your CPL?
-18 Years of age
-200 Hrs (150 if approved course)
-Examination Credit
-Flight Test
-May get paid
Can you carry passengers when performing aerobatics from 1500ft to 3000ft?
Can you perform aerobatics under 1500ft?
Only during an aviation event.
What is carpart 67?
Medical Standards.