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what comprises the intra-articular ligaments of the knee
course of ACL
post-medial aspect of lateral femoral condyle → anterior intercondylar tibia
course of PCL
anterior medial femoral condyle → posterior intercondylar tibia
what comprises the menisci
where do the menisci attach
articular surface of tibia at intercondylar region
where does transverse ligament attach
anterior edge of menisci, crossing the intercondylar area and tethering menisci to each other
what joins lateral meniscus to PCL and medial femoral condyle
posterior meniscofemoral ligament
shpae of medial meniscus
shape of lat meniscus
nearly O shaped
what does medial meniscus attach to
tibial collateral lig
what comprises pes ansarine
muscles that comprise the quad muscles
vastus lateralis
vastus intermedius
vastus medialis
rectus femoris
distal attachment of quad tendons
base of patella and tib tuberosity via the patellar ligament
prox attachment of medial head of gastroc
lat head of gastroc?
popliteal surface of femur, superior to medial condyl e
lateral aspect of lat fem condyle
muscles comprising hamstring
long head of biceps femoris
distal attachment of biceps femoris
lat side of fibular head
distal attachment site of semimembranosis
post portion of medial condyle of tibia
distal attachment site of semitendinosis
medial surface fo superior portion of tibia
where is anserine bursa
separates pes ansarine (semitendinosis, gracilis, sartorius) from tibia and tibal collat lig
where is popliteal bursa
btwn tendon of popliteus and lateral condyle of tibia
whihc bursae communicate with synovial cavitiy of knee
popliteal, gastroc, suprapatellar bursae
prox and distal attachments of popliteus muscle
prox: lateral surface of lat condyle of femur and lat meniscus

dist: post surface of tibia
another name for IT tract
aponeurosis of tensor fascia lata and gluteus max muscles
attachment site for IT tract distally
lat condyle of tibia (on Gerdy's tubercle)
course of patellar lig
attaches at apex of patella --> tib tuberosity
course of fib collat lig
lat fem epicondyle to lat head of fibula
course of tibial collat lig
medial fem epicondyle to meial condyle and superior surface of tibia
attached to medial meniscus @ midpoint
what is oblique popliteal ligament an extension of
course of oblique popliteal ligament
arises post to medial tibial condyle adn goes sup-lat to attach to central part of posterior aspect of fibrous capsule
course of arcuate popliteal lig
arises from post aspect of fibular head adn passes superomedially over tendon of popliteus;
spreads over post surface of knee joint