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The four laws of success are:
Laws of Possession, Effort, Consistency, Self-Efficacy.
The law of ____ indicates that if you want to achieve results, you must take the responsibility to do so.
The law of ____ indicates that is anything is worth achieving it is worth working for.
The law of ____ indicates that in order to achieve a goal, you must stick to your game plan on an ongoing, long-term, consistent basis.
The law of ____ indicates that you must believe you can achieve a goal before you actually can achieve it.
Regular Physical activity is ___ minutes of moderate activity accumulated over the day, almost every day OR vigorous activity done at least ____ times per week for ___ minutes each time.
30 moderate
20 vigorous
___ is all leisure and non-leisure body movement produced by the skeletal muscles resulting in substantial increase in energy expenditure.
Physical Activity
___ is a form of leisure-time physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive (aimed at improving or maintaining ___)

Physical Activity
True or False: One can be physically active but not physically fit.
____ is composed of two components: ____ component exhibits a relationship with health status and ____ compnent enables optimal work or sport performance.
Physical Fitness

Health relatied componet

Performance related component
_____ is when various systems of your body are healthy and function efficiently to enable you to engage in activities of daily living, as well as receational pursuites and leisure activities without uneasonable fatigue.
Physical Fitness
___ is when one satisfies their needs regarding mental and emotional stability, social consciousness, and acceptability, spiritual, moral fiber and physical health consistent with your heredity.
___ has physical, social and psychological dimensions each characterized on a continuum with pos. and neg. poles.
True or False: Health is merely the absence of disease.
___ ____ is a way of life in which individuals make
Active Living
Stages of Aging:
Neonatal: ___
birth to 3 weeks
Stages of Aging
Infancy: ___
3 weeks to 1yr
Stages of Aging
Early Childhood: ___
1-6 yrs
Stages of Aging
Middle Childhood: ___
7-10 yrs
Stages of Aging
Later Prepubertal Childhood
Girls: ____ Boys: ____
Girls 9-15 Boys 12-16
Stages of Aging
Adolescence: ___
6 years following puberty
Stages of Aging
Adulthood: ___
20-64 yrs
Stages of Aging
Senescence: ___
65->85 yrs
Impact of Aging (with CHD):
-increased left ventricle hypertrophy b/w __ and ___ decades
-___ peripheral resistance
- decreased ___ of blood vessels
- ____ CO and SV
-decreases __% per year from ___ to ___ decades
2nd and 7th
increased peripheral resistance
decreased elasticity
decreased CO and SV
decreased 1% from 3rd to 9th decades
MHR predicted to +or- ___ yrs
Decreased MHR with aging results in a ___% reduction in maximal exercise cardiac output (__-__yoa). THis is due to ____.

25-85 yoa

due to a decrease in sensitivity to catlcholamine (which has a role in signaling heart to beat)
Decreased MHR is also due to a prolonged ___ filling of the heart with age.
MVO2 decreases from age ___. At adulthood, steady decrease averaging __% per yr b/w __ and __ yrs


Decreases in MVO2 are due to decreased ___ and ____ changes (reduced oxidative capacity)
cardiac output

mitochondrial changes
Function of muscle decreases ___ % by age ___
25% by 65
Calcium progressively decreases by age ___ for females and ___ for males due to ___ changes
- at ___ people have predisposition to fractures
30 females
40 males
hormonal changes
weight/height squared

- not good for pregnant women, athletes, youth
-lean body mass, body water, BMR ___ with age.
____ decreases as lean body mass decreases
Children should receive ____ min of PA most days of the week. Some PA periods should be ___ min or longer at a moderate to vigorous level.
30-60 min

Resistance training for children should be high rep. (greater than ___ reps)
greater than 6-8
Should be adequate recovery b/w training sessions for children (___ days).
2-3 days