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Compare Ben Franklin and William Randolf Hearst
1. Hearst political, Franklin printed both sides of issue
2. Franklin: Successful b/c of business practices; Hearst: successful because of yellow journalism
3. Franklin= innovator; Hearst: trying to keep up with competition
4. Franklin: wanted to better the community; Hearst: wanted to turn a profit
Civil liberties in the context of the rise and fall of American media
Campbell: first succesful newspapers
2. then came magazines by end of 19th century they were for different niches
3. Fixed amu. spent every year 5-6%
4. Media more open to issues when it is doing well
John Campbell
1704, Boston Newsletter, first successful npaper in colonies,
Life and Look magazines
First successful ones
Discuss the evolution of public issues in the context of the four ages of American media
* Mass media reflects history, combines technology, public and social issues

1. 1700-1870: npaper dominance
2.1870-1930 Period of magazines
3. 1930s Network broadcasting
4. 1950s TV
Period of newspaper dominance
1. Idependence/Declaration/Constitutio
2. Conquering West
3. Civil War
4. Slavery
* the "cancers" of our social system
- all issues of PLACE, npapers formed in terms of place
Period of magazine dominance
1. Pulitizer, Hearst, Ochs
2. Power of class- white man's burden
3. Women's rights- suffrage
4. Blacks after war
5. Reconstruction- segreation, slaves and socialist all created niches
6. 1881 Helen Hunt Jackson "A Century of Dishnor" about indians- another niche
Helen Hunt Jackson
1881, "A Century of Dishonor" about Indians- another niche
* Magazine period
Period of network broadcasting
- 1930s
- NBC David Sarnoff
- 1928 CBS William Paley
1. 1980s Berlin Wall, John Stewart now (
2. Vertical Mass now
1st big-time media mogul: 28 npapers, magazines, books
Frederick Douglass
Spoke out for AAs, very articulate, former slave, wrote THe Liberator and published the Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass and the North Star (abolitionsit npaper)
Muckraker, McClure magazine, showed corruption of city government and political bosses
Shame of the Cities
English term for one who investigates and exposes issues of corruption that violate widely held values, such as political corruption, corporate crime, child labor, conditions in slums, etc.