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What joint is made up of a rounded end of a bone that fits snuggly with another bone? It is found in the shoulder and hip.
a ball and socket joint
This joint is found where bones are fused together so thatno movement can be made. It is found in the skull.
an immovable joint
This type of joint allows movement in only one direction, like a door. It is found in the elbow, knee, fingers, jaw and toes.
a hinge joint
This type of joint is found where bones fit on another bone for movement. They are found in the neck, forearm and lower leg.
a pivot joint
This type of joint is found where bones slip over other bones with flowing movement. It is found in the spine, wrist and ankle.
a gliding joint
This is found between bones to cushion them.
This holds bones in place.
This is where bones meet.