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What term did Charles Horton Cooley use to describe the process by which individuals use others like mirrors and base their conceptions of themselves on what is reflected back to them during social interaction?
Who was the first sociologist to study systematically the effects of social isolation on children?
Kingsley Davis
Who Identified the 3 developmental stages in adult life that focus on a series of crisis that must be resolved?
Erik Erikson
Who demonstrated that males tend to rely heavily on rules and abstract ideals in defining appropriate justice, while females arrive at a definition about right and wrong from a care and responsibility perspective?
Carol Goffman
Who believed that individuals pass through stages of moral development?
Lawrence Kohlberg
Who applied the concept of total institution to mental hospitals?
Erving Goffman
Who applied a developmental approach to the study of adulthood, identifying three distinct stages in the life cycles of an adult.?
Daniel Levinson
Regarding socialization George Herbert Mead saw personality as what?
multidimensional, but viewed its development as a social process, partly relevent during childhood.
Who contended that individuals pass through successive stages of cognitive development characterized by different levels on intellectual process and abilities?
Jean Piaget
What are Agents of Socialization?
Those groups and institutions that both informally an formally take on the task of socialization
What is Anticipatory Socialization?
Learning designed to prepare an individual for the fullfillment of future statuses and roles.
What is a Degredation Ceremony?
A process in which an individual is stripped of his/her former self, publically stigmatized, and assigned a new identity. (Boot Camp)
What is Desocialization?
The "unlearning" of previous normatic expectations and roles.
What is Developmental Socialization?
Learning how to better fulfill the roles we already occupy.
What is generalized others?
The dominent attitude and expectations of most members of society.
I : in whos schema, the unsocialized as subject?
What is a Life course?
A process in which individuals move from one biological and social stage to another s they grow and develop.
What is a looking-glass self?
Cooley's concept that individuals use others like mirrors and base their conceptions of themselves on what is reflected back to them during social interaction.
Me: in Mead's schema, the socialized self as what?
Nature is what?
Nurture is ?
What is personality?
A dominent pattern of attitudes
and behaviors.
What is Primary Socialization?
The learning of human characteristics and behaviors and the development of a concept self.
What is resocialization?
Learning a radically different set of norms, attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors.
What are rites of passage?
Ceremonies that symbolically acknowledge transitions from one life stage to another.
What is role taking?
The ability to anticipate what others expect from us, and to act accordingly.
Self is?
A persons conscious recognition that he/she is a distinct individual who is part of a larger society.
Significant others are?
Specific people with whom we interact and whose response has meaning for us.
Socialization is?
A process in which we learn and internalize the attitudes, values, beliefs, and norms of our culture and develop a sense of self.
Social Learning Theory is?
The idea that much human behavior is learned from modeling others.
Sociobiology is?
A field that integrates theories and research from biology and sociology in an effort to better understand human behavior.
What are total institutions?
Places where people carry out virtually all of their activities.