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penned words of US constitution
Communist theorist Marshall McLuhan said TV would help create:
a global electronic village
Mass communications researcher credited with creating the media violence index which measures TV violence
Englightenment thinker who wrote aeropagitica
John Milton
If government blocks printing, broadcasting, or distribution media, it is engaging in
prior restraint
hot/cold media model was developed by:
radio personality who broadcast "war of the worlds"
orson wells
theory that says media injects info hypodermically into public's mind:
powerful effects
those who think media depictions of violence has a positive effect on society
which political system assumes ownership of media?
"Let truth and falsehood grapple: whoever knew truth to be put to the worse in a free and open encounter"
John Milton
Theory- media violence has numbing effect on audience
Cox Center study said apprx. avg. starting salary for 2002 mass comm. grads. is:
What theory states that media effects build slowly over time?
first step in process of any type of communication:
Title of the kinks song "give the ppl. what they want" best describes which mass media perspective?
one of the steps of the shannon/weaver model of communications
sender internalizes the msg
mass media contributes to stability in society by:
providing common rituals
legal doctrine that would allow a reviewer to write that a singer sounded like a rusty windpipe:
fair commment and criticism
non-media ppl. and institutions that try to influence mass msgs before they reach the audience
Coake- "les urnes ont parle" nwspr. illustrated the medias role in promoting:
cultural transmission
corporate merger now gone sour that reps. the trend of media conglomeration:
AOL/Time Warner
Tivo and Instant Replay will prob. have greatest impact on:
last year, advertising accounted for what percent of all ad dollars spent?
less than 5%
Last year, retail sales on the internet were what % of all retail sales?
NY Times vs. Sullivan libel case said:
public figures have little recourse even they are victims
person that said Tv is modern campfire not detribiliz. (whatever detribiliz. means!)
Marshall McLuhen
US media is the ___ estate
hot or cold media require big audience involvement?
nat'l public radio relies heavily on:
public donation
obsenity can be censored, porn cannot
superbowl is a hot or cold medium?
Ida Tarbell is famous from what medium ________.
"see it now" - who famous for?
Edward R. Murrow
_____ found success with disneyland and Mickey Mouse Club.
7 sisters of magazine world:
Family Circle, Ladies' Home Journal, Redbook, Womens' Day, McCalls, Better Homes and Gardens, GOod Housekeeping
most pop. radio formatting:
talk radio
FM radio stands for:
Frequency modulation
mass media that is larger than every other media by any other measure
Top 5 newspapers in order:
2. Wall Street Journal
3. NY Times
4. LA Times
5. Washington Post
who created the iconic form of graph rebus?
created HTML
Tim Berners Lee
credited with inventing the technology of TV
most widely recognized sponsored mag.
Nat'l Geographic
best newspaper in the world
NY Times
HBO exec. responsible for 1st using satellite to transmit entertainment programming
Gerald Levin
first internet browser that let ppl. look at words and text
AM stands for
Amplitude Modulation
first licensed international radio
KDKA Pittsburg
muckraking associated with
circulation magazine example:
readers digest
Man credited with developing "brand image" strategy:
David Ogilivy
Man credited with being first advertising agent:
Volney Palmer
three areas of responsibility most PR departments must deal with:
internal, external, and media relations
along with ivy lee, this man considered to be the father of PR
Edward Bernays
Bernays is responsible for which landmark PR effort:
the Green Ball
what name did Otto Nuerath give to simplified form of picture language?
Tylenol case is ex. of what kind of approach to PR
Open (not proactive)
credited by the book with singlehandedly inventing the WWW
Tim Berners Lee
Name of this early form of visual communications (the one that looks like squiggly lines and an O with a dot in the middle)
what percent of client's budget for ad space and time usually goes to ad agency?
school of thought that attempts to explain how humans understand visual commun. or stimuli:
discovered elvis presley and is credited for creating term rock and roll
sam phillips
album is gold once it sells:
500,000 copies
benjamin days' newspaper, the NY Sun helped instill what type of values into American Print Media?
Ad strategy that tries to differentiate massed produced products that are essentially alike by:
The author of the book on branding teens claims the practice has what effect on teens?
makes them get older faster
last year, retail sales on the internet were what percent of all retail sales in the US?
less than .8%
name of Sen. Exxon's bill aimed at protecting children from exposure to porn on the itnernet:
Communications decency act
first network that local cable systems offered exclusively without relying on over-air stations
on avg. tv is on about how long per day in US households?
7 hrs
TV forced which of the following mediums to demassify?
first newspaper published in US
Publik Occurances both Foreign and Domestik
ad agency that serves as a liason with client:
account exec
which advertising technique developed with mass marketing in the 1800s?
brand names