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What are the 5 steps of tissue preparation?
Fixation, Dehydration & Clearing, Embedding, Sectioning, Mounting & Staining
What occurs during dehydration and clearing?
- Replace tissue H2O with ALCOHOL
- Make it transparent with XYLENE
What does HEMATOXYLIN stain, and what colour does it stain?
- Blue
- Nucleus (nucleic ACIDS), acidic parts of cytoplasm, cartilage matrix
What does EOSIN stain, and what colour?
- Pink
- COLLAGEN, basic parts of cytoplasm
How does HISTOCHEMISTRY monitor a chemical reaction?
Monitor formation of insoluble precipitate with a certain colour
What is the most common histochemical reaction?
- Schiff (PAS) reagent
- MAGENTA precipitate
- Stains glycogen and carbohydrates
What is autoradiography?
Macromolecules labeled with radioactive isotope, visualized with overlay of film
What is freeze-fracture method used for?
To visualize macromolecules of INTERNAL aspects of bilayer membranes.
What is meant by PROTOPLASM?
Cytoplasm + Karyoplasm -> living substance of cell
What are ribosomes made of?
Proteins + mRNA
Where is SER to be found?
Cells that make steroids, cholesterol, triglycerides, detox.
What characterizes the golgi apparatus?
- 3 faces (cis, medial, trans)
What characterizes the cis face?
- Close to nucleus, synthesis of CARBOHYDRATES
- Coatomer PII
What characterizes the medial face?
- Modification of protiens
- Coatomer PI to trans face/export
What characterizes the trans face?
- Sorting of proteins
- Clathrin
What differentiates an endosome from a lysosome?
Endosome has no clathrin or surface receptors - internal vesicle.
What is Tay-Sachs disease?
- Little/no HexA is produced
- HexA breaks fatty gangliosides
- Gangliosides build and damage nerve cells
What are the 2 types of Tay-Sachs?
1. Classical/infantile; NO HexA
2. Late-Onset (LOTS); lower than normal
What are peroxisomes?
- Self-replicating!
- H2O2, catabolizes long chained fatty assids, detox, killing microorgs
Which cells have high amounts of mitochondria?
- Glandular cells (hormone producing)