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Name the top four biker gangs in the U.S.:
a. Hells Angels
b. Pagans
c. Outlaws
d. Bandidos
What are the southern Mexican Mafia called?
a. Sorrenos
What is the street name for the Mexican Mafia?
a. La eme
What are the northern Mexican Mafia called?
a. Nortenos
What is the weapon of choice for the Hells Angels?
a. The ball peen hammer
What gang is the sworn enemies of the Mexican Mafia?
a. La Nuestra Familia
Why do the Hells Angels use the weapon that they are known for?
a. It is legal
What is the symbol of the Mexican Mafia?
a. Black Hand with an M in the center
What 4 actions set the Hells Angels apart from all other gangs?
a. They do not take their fight to law enforcement
b. They are a legally incorporated corporation in more than 30 countries
c. They have trademarked their logo
d. They are active in charities
Why did the Mexican Mafia choose the symbol that they use?
a. Because the strongest cell of the Italian mafia was the black hand
What does RICO stand for?
a. Racketeering in corrupt Organizations
12. What statute is most responsible for taking down gangs because it enables government agencies to seize all property and finances that are proceeds of an illegal activity?
What two principles are the same for all gangs?
a. It is all about the money
b. They are racist
What social structures provide the ground work for Chicago’s gangs?
a. Welfare requirements that collapse the family structure
b. High Rise construction of the housing projects
What is the main Chicago gang that we studied?
a. Gangster Disciples
The Hells Angels were named after what?
a. A fighter air squadron from WWII
What are two of the primary ways that the Hells Angels barter sympathy for their activities while conducting illegal activities?
a. Appear to be fiercely patriotic
b. Visibly supporting children’s charities
What other biker gang did the Hells Angels have a war with in a casino in Laughlin, Nevada?
a. Mongols
Jail gang tattoos are created by using what two ingredients to make the ink?
a. Urine
b. Charcoal
X3 stands for what gang?
a. La eme - Mexican Mafia
GD is the nick name for what gang?
a. Gangster Disciples
Gangs usually victimize members of what type of communities?
a. Their own
What does it mean in gangs to “pay your taxes”?
a. Pay protection money
What group is associated with the symbol of double SS lightning bolts?
a. Skinheads
What does it mean if the lightning bolts are filled in with black?
a. They have killed for their race
What does it mean if the lightning bolts are filled in with red?
a. They have spilled blood for their race
What does it mean if a skinhead is wearing red boot laces?
a. They have spilled blood for their race
What other prison gang has formed an alliance with the Aryan Brotherhood?
a. La eme
What is a Carnale?
a. A brother in La eme
What is the literal translation of La eme?
a. The letter M
What was the name of the only non Hispanic member of La eme?
Joe Pegleg Morgan
What was the name of the person who because of his Yugoslavian descent enabled the alliance between the two seemingly incompatible gangs of La eme and the Aryan Brotherhood?
Joe Pegleg Morgan
La Eme has a cardinal code of conduct that cannot be broken, this was the law that Luis Maciel broke when he executed the hit in L.A. of Dido Moreno what is it?
a. Women and children are innocent and not to be harmed
What language do la eme’s use when they speak to each other?
a. Ancient Aztec
What is the symbol for la nuestra familia?
a. Sombrero with a machete through it
SHU stands for what area of the Pelican Bay State Prison?
a. Security Housing Unit
What are the two ways to get in to the gang MS-13?
a. Beat in
b. Sexed in
What is the name of the highest person in MS-13 hierarchy?
a. Shot caller also known as the OG: original gangster
Gangs target new members by what three primary characteristics?
a. Absent parents
b. Need for belonging
c. Race
MS-13 began on what continent?
a. South American
A chavallas according to MS-13 is a what?
a. Rival gang member
MS-13 ‘s weapon of choice is what?
a. A machete
MS-13’s colors are what?
a. Blue and white
MS-13’s are known by what jersey number?
a. 13
In MS-13 slang, courting means what?
a. Punishment for infractions
In MS-13 slang, representing means what?
a. Tattoos on the body
What gang uses the three dot triangle tattoo?
a. MS-13
What does stacking out mean in MS-13 gang slang?
a. Show gang hand signs
What does MS stand for?
a. Mara Salvatrucha
ICE is the acronym for what federal agency?
a. Immigration and customs enforcement
213 is the area code for what city?
a. LA
The original name of MS-13 was:
a. Mara salvatrucha stoners