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What is the divorce rate?
Accounts for the number of women out of 1,000 who are currently 15 or older and get divorced in a given year
How many women out of 1,000 get divorced?
Is divorce declining or increasing?
What percentage of people will end up divorcing?
45 - 50 percent
On average how long are couples married before they divorce?
7 years
Who is the leader in divorces among western countries for the 20th century?
U.S., of course
Which country is closest to the U.S. rate?
Russia, then the UK, then the netherlands, then Japan
What is the states divorce rate?
Why has the divorce rate risen?
Less satisfaction
Mar conflict
Economic status of women changed
Marriage cannot live up to the high billing given to it
What does low developtmenrt (women rarely working) equal?
More divorce
What does high developtment (women not economically dependent on men) equal?
More divorce
What is the independent hypothesis?
Paid employment increases an individuals choice to divorce
What is stabilization hypothesis?
People with money invest in marriage-related assets
What are some reasons for divorce or seperation?
Sociotial facotrs
Demographic Factors
Life Course Factors
Interaction Variables
Evaluation of the relationship
Type A personality traits?
Competitive, driven, easily irritated, wants to get ahead, aggressive
What is seperation fueled by?
Discovery of problem
What is exposure?
Exposure – one person reveals discontent. (indirectly ending the relationship)
What is negotation?
Negotiation – to end or keep the relationship (leads to a decision, called a resolution)
What is transformation?
Transformation – may be moving out, involves mourning and new public status
What is grave-dressing
Cleaning up views of relationship and moving on
How long from when the problems start to a divorce?
30 weeks
What is the aftermat of divorce?
Generally lower well-being
Time with friends increases dramatically
Lose about 50% of friends
Finances drop
Income may be lower in the future
What are the parenting types?
Fiery Foes
Angry Associates
Cooperative colleagues
Perfect Pals
What are firey foes?
Hate each other, no good for parenting (25%)
What are angry associates?
Hate each other but do try to parent well for the child (25%)
What are cooperative collegues?
Not good friends, but don’t hate each other (38%)
What are perfect pals?
Good friends with high respect for other (12%)
How does divorce affect a child?
Well-being of child goes down due to parental loss
Economic hardship may arise, and parental stress may increase.
Conflict between parents has detrimental effects upon the child.
What is lonliness?
Discrepancy between social relations we want vs. social relations we have
What is social isolation?
Lacking a social network of friends
What is emotional isolation?
Lacking a single intense relationship
What is discrepency framework?
This is the basis for the “what I have” versus “what I want” style of thinking
Not everyone sees events that happen to them the same way
Act as moderators
This is not a fully developed theory
What are the most lonely countries?
Japan is the lonlinest, US is number 4
What are ways we can express lonliness?
What are some results of being lonely?
Higher rates of cardiovascular disease in men
Neglecting of self-care
Lack relationships that could improve health
Who is lonely?
Those with low SES
The Unmarried
Who is more lonely, men or women?
What are aspects of intimacy?
What is knowledge?
Know more then a casual relationship
What is caring?
Care more then a casual relationship
What is interdependence?
Each other's behavior affects each other
What is mutuality?
Recognizes that "we" instead of "me"
What is trust?
Treat each other fairly and honorable
What is commitment?
Expecting the relationship to last and investing in each other
What are the five personality traits?
Openness to experience
What are the rewards in relationships?
Direct Rewards
Indirect Rewards
What are direct rewards?
Revieve from interatction with others
What are indirect rewards?
Associate with another's presence
Friends in relation to distance to relationship?
Those we are near are often the ones we form relationships with
Research finds that those we are close to in proximity we like the most
Oddly, the people we don't like live in close proximity to us also
What are the love styles?
Eros (erotic)
What is eros?
Love at first sight, physical
What is ludus?
Uncommitted and fickle, many at once
What is storge?
Seek genuine friendship that leads to commitment
What is mania?
Obsessive stalker type
What is agape?
Giving, altruistic, and treats love as a duty
What ia pragma?
Practical and pragmatic, logic governs
What do men prefer to date?
Experienced women
What do men prefer to marry?
What do women prefer to date?
unexperienced men
What do women prefer to marry?
unexperienced men
How many American's believed that homosexuality was wrong in 1996?
How many American's believed that homosexuality was wrong in 1973?
More then 81%
What is assumed about gay and lesbian couples and their relationship?
They are dysfuncational and unhappy
How are attitudes about gay and lesbian couples now?
Increasingly positive
Problems with age?
Less sex
Less imagination
Can't see friends
What are traits of hott women?
Baby face (large eyes, small chin and nose, full lips)
Prominent cheekbones, narrow cheeks, and a broad smile
What are traits of hott men?
Strong Jaw
Broad forehead
Look physically strong and dominant
How often are women raped?
How often are men raped?
Why is it difficult to elimiate sexual aggression?
Men are socialized to see sex as a conquest
Women are supposed to play hard to get
Embaressment about talking can lead to miscommunication about what is wanted
How do we commincate desire?
Verbal and nonverbal signals
What is used more often, verbal or nonverbal signals?
What is the social penetration theory?
It's the onion
Outer layers into inner layers
Can we tell if someone is lying?
Looking up and left
What is breadth?
Variety of topics
What is depth?
Personal significance of topics
What are some types of miscommunication?
Kitchen Sink
What is reactive jealously?
When you know something happened
What is suspicious jealously?
When you think something happened
Who has sex earlier on?
Gay couples
What has the least sex of all?
What is encoding, and what does it mean?
When you put a message together to send to someone
What is decoding?
Getting a message and figuring out what it means
What is paternity uncertinty?
You aren't sure who the father of your child is