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Changes in air pressure can be measured using
a barometer
Tornadoes are most likely to be produced from which type of cloud?
Which instrument could tell you that conditions are right for flying a kite?
An anemometer
Which factor is usually recorded when gathering weather data?
The temperature of the air
What is the name of the boundary between air masses of different temperature and humidity?
A front
Large, dark, cumulonimbus clouds usually produce -
The force of the air pushing down on Earth is called-
air pressure
Which is the name for the continuous cycle of water on Earth involving evaporation, condensation, and precipitation?
The water cycle
Which is the name given to rain, snow, sleet, hail, and anything that falls from the clouds?
Condensation refers to the process in which water changes from a gas to a liquid, forming -
Which term refers to a person who studies the weather?
Meteorologists predict the weather of the future. This prediction is known as -
a forecast
Cirrus clouds are in the sky. What type of weather could be predicted?
Clear, cool weather
Cumulus clouds are in the air. What type of weather could be predicted?
Nice weather
Tornadoes are most likely to be produced from which type of cloud?
Changes in air temperature can be measured using -
a thermometer
Changes in wind direction can be measured using -
a weather vane
Changes in wind speed can be measured using -
an anemometer
Barometers are used to measure
air pressure
Humidity is the term used for -
water vapor
Weather in the U.S. is most likely to move from
California to Virginia
The map indicates that there is a cold front over the eastern U.S. What type of weather will this most likely produce?
Rain and thunderstorms
Usually, cumulonimbus clouds are associated with weather that is -