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What is the incubication period for Measles?

When is it contagious?

What are the transmission based
Incubation period is 10-21 days.

It is contagious from the fifth incubation day until first few days after rash erupts.

Droplet precautions should be used.
What are the signs and symptoms of Measles?
Occurs in winter or spring
Runny nose
High fever
Enlarged lymph nodes in head and neck.
KOPLIKS Spots (buccal membrane)
Eye irritation and photophobia
Maculopapular Rash
What are the treatments and nursing interventions for Measles?
Soothing measures for rash.
Darkened room.
Secondary infections possible.
Complications include Otitis Media, Encephalitis,
airway obstruction
What Vaccine is given for Measles?

When should it be given?

When should it NOT be given?
MMR Vaccine.

12-15 months; 4-6 years

Severe allergic reaction or gelatin allergy, pregnancy, known severe immunodifficiency
What are some general contraindications for receiving vaccines?
Severe allergic reaction to previous vaccine or to one of its components.

Moderate to severe illness at time vaccine is scheduled.
What is the incubation period for rubella?

When is it contagious?
14-21 days

5-7 days before until about 5 days after rash appears.
What is the incubation period for mumps?

When is it contagious?
14-21 days

Shortly befor swelling appears until after it dissappears.
What are the S/S of rubella?
low grade fever, malaise, joint pain, pale small rash, dissappears in 3 days
what are the complications of rubella?
severe birth defects are possible for child of mother exposed while pregnant.
What is the incubation period for chicken pox?

When is it contagious?
14-21 days

From about 1 day before rash appears until all vesicles have crusted over.
What is the inc. period for pertussis?

When is it contagious?
5-21 days

4-6 weeks; (direct or indirect contact and droplet precautions)
What are the S/S of pertussis?
begins with mild upper respiratory symptoms and in a few weeks progresses to severe paroxysmal cough with inspiratory whoop sometimes followed by vomiting; esp. dangerous for young infants; may last for 4-6 weeks
When should the DTaP be given?
2mo, 4mo, 6mo, 12-18mo, 4-6 years
When should IPV be given?2mo, 4mo, 6-18mo, 4-6 years
2mo, 4mo, 6-18mo, 4-6 years
Which vaccines are contraindicated during pregnancy?
IPV, MMR, HEP A, Varicella
What should the nurse document for all immunizations given?
Date and time of immunization; manufacturer; Exp. Date; Lot #; Name, address, and place where received; Name and title of person giving; signature of person giving consent