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What system is the body's defense against disease causing organisms
List 2 thing the immune system does
Remove dead or damaged cells

Identify and destroy invaders
What are the body's first lines of defense
Protective reflexes like sneezing or coughing
Mucus, cilia in resp system
Killed by saliva or stomach acids
What are the body's second lines of defense
Inflammatory response - white blood cells attack invading organisms
Interferon - substance that "interferes" with virus
What are the body's third lines of defense
Antibodies - proteins to destroy invaders
What produces antibodies
What are 2 special white blood cells
T cells produced in Thymus

B cells produced in Bone marrow
What is the function of T cells
Alert B cells to produce antibodies to fight an invader - this is the time you feel sick
What is the resistance to a disease-causing organism
What kind of immunity do you have when your body produces antibodies because you have a disease or are vaccinated against it
ACTIVE immunity
What starts the process by which antigens are deliberately introduced into a person to stimulate the immune system
Where are antigens gotten for vaccinations
Made in a lab from killed or weakened disease causing organisms
When a vaccine is given, what does it do?
Alert the body's white blood cells to produce antibodies
List some diseases we have vaccinations for
What kind of immunity do you get when the antibodies comefrom a source other than yourself
PASSIVE immunity
What kind of immunity is it when a mother transfers antibodies to the baby across the placenta
Passive immunity
What kind of immunity is it when antibodies are removed from an animal and injected into a person
Passive immunity
What results when the immune system is overly sensitive to certain substances
What are chemicals responsible for the symptoms of allergy - watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing
What can you do for an allergic reaction
Avoid allergan

Take antihistamine
What does AIDS stand for
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
What problems do people with HIV have
Severe infections
What does HIV stand for
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Is a person with HIV infectious
What happens to the T cells in HIV
HIV attacks helper T cells and keeps them from activating the immune system when an infection comes
What kind of people are most likely to have HIV
Homosexual and bisexual men
Intravenous drug users
Blood transfusions (rare)
How is AIDS spread
Exchange of blood or semen or vaginal fluid from an VIV infected person
(Sex, sharing needles, breast feeding, blood transfusion)
What causes diseases
Some STDs have no symptoms
True or false
How do you get an STD
Intimate sexual contact or intercourse
What do you call a micro-organism that can cause disease
Where is the incubation site for STDs
Sex organs
Once you have an STD you can't get it again
List 6 commonly sexually transmitted diseases
Genital herpes
Venereal warts
Pubic lice
What STD causes symptoms of discharge from the penis and burning with urination in a male - itchy vagina, and discharge or no symptoms in a female
What is the problem with getting Chlamydia or Gonorrhea
They can cause sterility
What STD has 3 stages and begins with a chancre sore then a rash and can lead to death years later
What STD is like fever blisters on the penis or vagina. The person carries the infection for life and it can cause cervical cancer
Genital herpes
What STD is due to a virus that causes a growth like a reddish, soft, cauliflower
Genital herpes
What STD is caused by little tiny animals that feed on human blood and live in moist, hairy spots
Pubic Lice
You can kill pubic lice "crabs" with hot water and soap
Most bacteria are very harmful to humans
How do bacteria harm the body
Infect the tissues directly (tuberculosis)
Or by causing disease by producing toxins (Tetanus)
What do you call a disease not caused by micro-organism
Noninfectious disease
(diabetes and cardiovascular disease)
Can worry and tension cause illness?
What disease is caused when cells multiply uncontrollably and destroy healthy tissue
When a single cell or group of cells begins to grow uncontrollably, the mass of tissue that is formed is called a
What is a tumor that does not spread to surrounding healthy tissue or other parts of the body
What is a tumor that invade and destroy surrounding tissue
Malignant (cancerous)
What are some of the common cancers that kill people
Lung, intestines, breast, pancreas, prostate, stomach, leukemia
The most common cancer in the US
Skin cancer from overexposure to UV radiation from sun