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3 Parts of an atom
proton, neutron, and electron
What is the transfer of electrons
This creates the flow of electricity, it has unequal position and negative particles.
Static Electricity
This is a steady stream of electrons from atom to atom.
Current Electricity
The 2 types of magnetism:
Natural & Artificial
Examples of natural magnetics are:
Loadstone and/or magnetite
What is a flux?
This is a field around particles that cause attraction and repulsion.
How many poles do magnets have?
Sometimes they have 2, A North and a South
What is an electronic circuit?
An unbroken path current travels to produce the work.
Direct Current
Flows in 1 direction ex. battery
Alternating Current
Flows in 2 directions
Who was Thomas Edison and what did he do?
Supported the idea of Direct Current and electrocuted animals including an elephant.He has his goons break into Westinghouse.
Who was Nikola Tesla:
Supported Alternating Current and with westinghouse help laid the grid for electricity throughout the US. worked for Edison without pay. he died penniless and alone in the 1940s.
What is simple electricity?
2 types of electricity: single phase and 3 phase
What is single phase electricty?
This is used for residentia 120volts
What is 3 phase electricity?
Commercial use only, the voltage remains high at all times.
What is power measured in?
What is current measured in?
Amps ( the flow)
What is electromotive force measured in ?
What is electromotive force also known as?
Potential Energy
What is Resistance?
Ohms in DC
What is Impedence?
Ohms in AC
The standard AC receptable consists of?
Nuetral, Hot, and Ground
What so resistors do?
Add resistance and can be fixed or a variable
An example of a fixed resistor is?
An example of variable resistor?
Faders for lights, and stereos etc.
What so capacitors do?
Stores electricity
What do transformers do?
Step AC voltage up or down, and convert AC to DC
What can transistors be used for?
Amplifiers, detectors or switches
What is a LED
Light Emitting Diode
What is the Ground and what is it used for?
Connects to the ground or a grounding rod to take the majority of the blast from a power strike.
What are photons?
They are the bi-product of atomic recepticles.
Who was Olaf Romer?
He was the first to study light in 1676.
How fast does light travel?
186,000 miles per second.
Who is James Maxwell?
He taught elctromagnetic theory in the late 1800's.
What happened in 1895?
Nikola tesla predicted wireless telephony and his prototype has lost in a fire.
Who was Guglielmo Marconi?
He patented the the wireless radio.
What allowed for "Clean Amplication"?
Vacuum Tubes
What was the year of the 1st radio licensed in pittsburgh? KDKA
How many radio stations were there by 1923?
What is the electromagnetic spectrum measured in?
What do radio waves do ?
transmit music, data, and pictures
AM stations are measured in?
FM stations are measured in?
Which frequency moves further? Low or High?
Low frequency because it moves around.
What does a high frequency do?
Hits things and bounces off
Name some uses for microwaves:
cell phones, and microwave ovens.
What does infra red do?
Picks up heat, radar, and tv remnote controls
All_____have at least three particles.
Electrons have what type of charge?
Protons have what type of charge?
Natural magnets found in the earth are known as:
Loadstone or Magnetite
Which particles reside in a atoms nucleus
Neutrons and Protons
A magnetic field will attract a particle of what charge?
A magnetic field will repel a particle of a what charge?
Like Charge
All magnetic fields have 2 poles?
What is the term for electronical current that flows in 2 ways?
AC (Alternating Current)
What does AC mean?
Alternating Current
What does DC mean?
Direct Current
What is the term for electronical current that flows in 1 direction?
Direct Current
What is measured in Watts?
What is measured in amps?
What is measured in Volts?
Electromotive Force
Which property of DC electricity is measured in Ohms?
Which property of AC electricity is measured in Ohms?
What do Transformers do?
Step AC Voltage up or down
These can serve as amplifiers, or switches
What do Capacitors do?
Offer temporary storage for electricirty in a circuit
This is a blueprint representation of electricitys course through a plotted circuit.
George Ohm of "Ohm's Law" found out this.
The current flowing in a wire is directly proportionate to the amount of voltage
These aid to transmit electricity.
What does ADR stand for?
Automated Dialogue Replacement
What is ADR?
The synching of audio to a picture and smoothing out the transitions.
the sounds in the films enviroment
What is the Aperture?
The opening in the shutter that allows light to come in
Art Director
Supervises he construction of the sets
What does the backlight also known as the "hairlight" do.
Seperates the character from the background
Best boy electric
the assistant to the Gaffer
Best boy grip
The assistant to the Key grip
What is/was the camera obscura?
It was a dark room with a small whole to let in light that project an image of the outside world
What was the cinematographer?
Camera Projector built by the Luminere Bros
What is Continuity in films?
The continuation of images that a script supervisor is responsible for.
What are Creature Sounds?
The unreal sounds that a good library has of audio has to make up
What was the Daguerreotype?
The updated version of the Heliograph built by Daguerreo
What are Designed Sounds?
They are real sounds blended together to make never before heard sound effects
What does the Director do?
He assembles the film on the technical side
What is the Director of Photography responsible for?
The images
Who are the Electric Utility?
The electrical laborers
What is Emulsion?
layers of silver hollides that capture the images on film
What are exhibition miniatures used for?
They are used in the movies
What does the fill light do?
Gives desirable lighting ratio
What is the film format?
The width of the film stock used ex. 35mm 70mm
What is the film gate?
The focal point of hte motion pictures operator.
What is film speed?
How fast the film responds to the light.
What is film stock? duh
The type of film used
What is the Focal length?
Distance of the center of the lense to the film plate.
What is a Foley?
A added sound effect
What is the F-Stop?
The number measurement of light allowed through a lens
Who is the gaffer?
he is the Chief Electrician
What are the grips?
General Laborers.
What is the Heliograph?
the first picture that was made by Niepce
Much like the human one, what does the iris on a camera lens do?
Controlls the amount of light that gets in
Who is the Key Grip?
the head of hte grip dept.
What is the Key Light?
It is the main lighting
What is the Kinetograph?
it was used for the 1st public demonstration of a movie
What did Louis Leprince make?
the first motion picture camera
What is a magazine?
this holds the film before and after use
Who is George Melies
The father of Sci Fi
What is music? related to movies?
the emotional foundation for the film
the first commercial cinema that opened up was the? (fav channeL)
The Nickelodeon
What is an Original Score?
Music written just for a movie
Persistence of vision? (the only one about our vision)
Your retain an image after seeing it..
who was Edwin Porter?
shot the first film narrative
What does a producer do?
Finds the script, Funds the movie.
Who is the Production Designer
Head of art dept. in charge of sets
What are Production miniatures?
these are used to predetermine the set ideas
What does the shutter do?
Spins to allow light to expose the film
How do you do sound editing?
Syncing the sound with the movie
what was the first true colors in film that was started in 1932? (3)
what does three point lighting consist of?
Key light, back light, and fill light,
What was the projector system originally called the phantascope?
Where could you watch the film on a kinetascope?
On the top of the cabinet
This person is hired to capture the actual imagesthat a producer and director want for the finfished film.
Director of photography
He is the head of the art dept. and is responsible for the visual appearence of the sets
production Designer
This person records the dialogue and other sounds from the set for the film.
Production Sound Mixer
Lighting can evoke emotion, tell time, and enhance the subject matter..true or false?
this light establishes the directionality and source motivation for the scene?
Key Light
the light needed for an actors face>
Fill light
the standard frame rate?
24 frames per second
This gathers the light and projects the images in front of the camera onto the film gate.
The measurement used of how much light is allowed through the lens?
The device that controls the amount of light allowed throught the lens?
A simply more precise F-stop measurement
The focal points of motion pictures camera
Film gate
the film format refers to the width of the film stock in use..true or false
The process of recording _____is referred as shooting or walking
What can act as a amplifier, switch, detector?
What is the measurement of ohms in a dc curcuit?
What is the measurement of ohms in a ac curcuit?
What is the speed of light
186,000 miles per second
What is the unit of measurement of direct light?
Who patented the wireless radio in 1896
Who is the head of the art dept.
Production Designer