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Which of the following are considered the four ancient river valley civilizations?
ancient China, ancient Egypt, ancient India and ancient Mesopotamia
Who was resposible for the Swedish Gymnastics Movement system?
Per Henrik Ling
What kind of activity was ancient gymnastics?
exercise, massage and baths at the gymnasiums
A group of inviduals with the same or similar special conditions who require special considerations to recieve bodywork is called a ...
special population
The first known code of medical ethics, advocating "an eye for an eye", was included in which of the following?
The code of Hammurabi
The Dutch doctor who popularized the French terminology for massage strokes including effleurage, petrissage, and tapotment, is named...
Johan Mezger
What situation catalyzed the legitimization of massage therapy starting around 1900?
unqualified massage educators, unprofessional massage therapy graduates, and varying and often inadequate levels of education provided by massage schools
The ancient Greek health regimen included which of the following?
exercise, massage, fresh air, balanced diet, and cleanliness
Which physical disability did the sensitive and perceptive ancient Japanese massage therapist have?
The author of "the art of massage", who studied and outlined the physiological effects of massage is...
John Harvey Kellog
The Renaissance anatomical artist who was especially interested in muscular attachments and actions is...
Andreas Vesalius
What is the name of the fist professional association of massage therapist, formed in Britain in 1894?
Society of Trained Masseuses
Which two doctors seperated massage from bodywork and movement therapies?
Johan Mezger, Emil Kleen
Throughout history, there is a fluctuating pattern in the association between massage and which two facets of healthcare?
professional medicine and water therapies
Who brought the Swedish Movement cure to America around 1850?
Dr. George Taylor
Which of the following are considered neuromuscular bodywork modalities?
muscle energy techniques and trigger point therapy
Employment in a spa required massage therapists to....
work as a part of the team, support other employees and be willing to take on other responsibilities
A medical spa can be descirbed as a facility...
with doctors on staff to treat patients and to offer spa services
Touch research has already shown the beneficial effects of massage on...
premature infants, fibromyalgia, asthma and diabetes patients
Who was considered "The Father of Modern Medicine" and considered massage to be as important in a person's health as diet, exercise and baths?
Which of the following rivers did NOT support an ancient river valley civilization?
Amazon river
What distinction does the Indus Valley civilization hold compared with the other ancient river valley civilizations
it supplied the least amount of wrritten records
What term is used for the servants who provided special massage treatments to the ancient Greek athletes?
Which of the following is NOT an original holistic method of Hippocrates?
Which of the following ancient physicians promoted the concept of the body being able to cure itself?
Who wrote the Canon of medicine?
Ibn Sina
Which Swedish gymnastic category "strengthens and toughens the body"?
What is Qi?
life-force energy
Which of the following buisness segments employ the largest number of massge therapist?
How is the skin unique as a sensory organ?
it is the largest sensory organ, it remains in a constant state of readiness and is a major structure of the integumentary system
True or False? The Hippocratic Oath incorporates patient confidentiality.
True or False? Anatripsis is a method of rubbing designed to decrease circulation.
True or False? The main difference in the delepment of massage between Europe and the Arab wold during the Middle Ages is that Europe was under the influence of the Church
True or False? Leonardo da Vinci and Andreas Vesalius were both anatomical artists during the Renaissance.
True or False? Per Henrik Ling's motivation to develop Swedish stemmed from his chronic elbow pain that manifested itself during fencing.
True or False? Massage therapists started organizing professional associations in the late 1800s to counteract the unfair labor practices being imposed on them by the hospitals.
True or False? Dr. John Harvey Kellog wrote The Art of Massage.
True or False? The Alexander Technique is an example of a deep- tissue modality.
True or False? Energy modalities have the unique distinction of being proven by scientific methods.
True or False? One reason massage is becoming more and more recognized as a legitimate medical treatment is due to government sponsored research.
The anatomical position is used for...
describing locations of body structures and planes
Proximal and distal are typically used to describe...
something on the extremities or limbs of the body
In the anatomical postition, which of the following is true?
-palms face forward
-palms face backward
-palms face the legs
-palms are placed together
palms face forward
The midsagittal plane divides the body into...
left and right parts
Which of the following is true?
-the pelvic cavity is superior to the cranial cavity
-the elbow is proximal to the wrist
-the ear is medial to the eye
-the ribs are deep to the lungs
the elbow is proximal to the wrist
The position that allows the best access to the clients abdomen is..
Which of the following is true for massage and medications?
massage can increase or decrease the effects of medications
An area of the body that requires caution because nerves, blood vessels, lymph nodes, or organs are unprotected is called...
endagerment site
What is The Physicians Desk Reference?
a text that lists drug manufactures, medications, indications and contraindications
A situation in which massge is not appropriate is called...
The body regions refer to...
general surface anatomy areas
Which of the following word roots refers to the muscle
What does the prefix "syn-" indicate?
What directional term refers to "closer to the limb's attatchment point"?
which of the following is a correct statement?
-the wrist is proximal to the elbow
-the heart is inferior to the abdomen
-the thumb is lateral to the fingers
-the shoulder is distal to the elbow
the thumb is lateral to the fingers
Which of the following is not correct when referring to anatomical position?
the body is lying face down
True or False? The suffix "-itis" refers to an inflammation.
True or False? The prone position refers to a patient lying down.
True or False? A local contraindication for massage therapy suggests that there is a particular area to aviod, but the massge as a whole will not affect the condition negatively.
True or False? Massage has the ability to amplify or reduce the effect of certain medications, including relieving side effects of some.
Ture or False? A client taking anitbiotics should recieve stronger massage techniques to increase the effects of the massage while counteracting the medicine.
True or False? The first step in translating a medical term is to break it up into its word elements.
Which of the following lists the three types of muscle tissue?
skeletal, cardiac, smooth
Deep fascia can be found...
around every skeletal muscle
Without oxygen, what happens to cells?
they suffer and eventually die
Boney landmarks are...
projections and depressions on bones that are uses for reference points
Research has shown that massage reduces levels of ...
stress-related hormones
which of the following statements are true?
-bones push on the muscle to create movement
-bones pull on the muscles to create movement
-ligaments tighten up to create movement
-muscles pull on the bones to create movement
muslces pull on the bones to create movement
The fibrous connective tissue surrounding bundles of muscle, nerves and blood vessels is called..
Which of the following is an example of an eccentric contraction?
lowering an object
The proprioceptors most important to massage therapy include...
muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs
The sympathetic nervous system responds...
in preparation for an emergancy with increased blood supply to the muscles and increased heart rate
The situation when a muscle is stretched too quickly and the muscle spindles cause the muscle to contract is called a..
stretch reflex
Which of the following is true?
-the more a nerve track has been reinforced , the more difficult it is to unlearn and relearn the associated behavior
-a nerve track is any path from a motor neuron to the CNS to the sensory neuron to the effector
-a nerve track is established only if its associated behavior is learned correcly
-nerve tracks form along the spinal cord, dorsal and ventral rami, and spinal nerves.
the more a nerve track has been reinforced, the more difficult it is to unlearn and relearn the associated behavior
A nerve plexus ca be described as...
a large network of interwined nerves that serve a common area of the body
The main function of the circulatory system is...
Which of the following is true?
massage promotes circulation, thereby enhancing the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste
78. Hotter areas of skin are indicative of..
increased circulation
79. Which of the following is true?
massage generally evokes the parasympathetic response, which increases all digestive activity
80. A local contraindication is a condition in which massage should be..
over the affected area
The general rule for applying massage to some kind of pathology is...
when in doubt, don't
Massage therapy can affect the nervous system by increasing dopamine, which is involved in....
voluntary movement and clear thinking
A muscle that has been used and recognizes a shorter resting length than normal is called..
Which of the following is FALSE with respect to hypertonic muscles?
they force the cell to eliminate waste
When the body goes through regular exercise, muscle cells store a greater amount of....
Which type of muscle is most relevant to massage therapy?
skeletal muscles
If a muscle is stretched too fast and beyond its comfort zone, it can respond with a protective contraction that the client may feel as...
Which of the following statments is FALSE?
it is in the scope of a massage therapist to diagnose a condition that the client may not know about
True or False? Another name for cutaneous membrane is skin.
True or False? In any muscle movement the prime mover muscles pull, while the antagonist muscles push.
True or False? Just as massage therapists should not diagnose any conditions, they also do not need to know any medications a client may be taking.
True or False? One of the major benefits of massage therapy is the mechanical effect of increased circulation.
True or False? Muscles can contract and work together to move the skeleton.
Which of the following are important interview skills?
establish rapport, maintain eye contact, acknowledge client
Reflective listening can be described as...
repeating or reiterating the clients words
Which of the following can help clients reach their treatment goals...
focus on the chief complaint
Open-ended questions..
broaden the conversation
High-stress levels can lead to..
more symptoms and a longer recovery time
A treatmennt plan includes which of the following?
techniques to use, duration of treatment sessions and suggested frequency of sessions
Collecting nonverbal data from clients...
helps therapists understand clients' reactions to the condition of thier body or soft tissues
The activity and analysis portion of the SOAP note includes which of the following?
the clients prioritized functional limits and treatment goals
The SOAP note is a place to document all the the following EXCEPT...
the clients entire health history
The objective portion of the SOAP note includes which of hte following?
your obsevation and assesments of clients
Subjective information includes..
the clients statement about his condition
The plan portion of the SOAP note includes which of the following?
self care recommendations
The changes that result from treatment are documented in which of the following?
acitvity and analysis
Abbreviations are helpful to massge therapist because..
they require less space for the complete documentation and speed up the process
Health history pertinent to the client's condition is documented as..
subjective data
Long-term goals are set up for clients to achieve within...
one to two months
Which of the following is the first assesment tool used to understand the condition of a client?
health history
which of the following statements about stress are true?
some forms of stress can strengthen the body
Functional limitations can be describes as...
restricted activities of daily life that are normally performed without any problems
Mutual trust in a relationship can also be called...
Of the following, which is not true about a first meeting with a client?
therapists should avoid eye contact with client
Which of the following is NOT an assumption that should be made about the client?
each client know what the problem is
Which of the following is an example of an open-ended question?
what do you do that makes your knee not hurt as much?
"Is there a specific way you sit that affects your back pain?" is an example of what type of question?
leading question
Which of the following statements about documentation is FALSE?
documentation must not be shared with other healthcare professionals due to privacy
Which of the following shoud be included in a clients file?
subjective statements about a clients condition
Which of the following will most likely not be on the clients intake form?
massage techniques used
A common format for documenting a massage session is SOAP. What does SOAP stand for?
Subjective, Objective, Activity and Analysis, Plan information
When establishing goals with clients, which of the following would be least effective?
limiting the amount of time to accomplish the goal
Which of the following would be included in A portion of a SOAP note
the area of the body in which the massage technique was applied
True or False? Nonverbal communication from a client should be ignored because it is subjective.
True or False? Licensed healthcare practioners are legally required to document patient progress.
True or False? Documentation must be made on the copyrighted and stanardized Healthcare Practitioner Patient Record Form.
True or False? Surgeries that occurred more than five years ago are irrelevant to any current health condition and do not need to be recorded on a clients history form.
True or False? A goniometer is a device that measures range of motion in degrees.
True or False? The frequency of future treatments should be recorded in the P section of a SOAP note.
True or False? Difficulty getting in and out of bed is considered a functional limitation.
True or False? All intake forms contain body diagrams, allowing clients to mark the areas where they have pain, if they are not able to describe the area accurately.
True or False? Generlaly, the higher a clients stress level, the more symptoms they may have, and the longer thier recover time will be.