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What are the objectives of the personnel selection process?
To match people and jobs; to obtain reliable and valid information.
What is the point of properly matching people and jobs?
To maximize hits, avoid misses, and the costs of misses ((in)direct costs of hiring, opportunity costs). Person-Job fit, the KSAOs required from job analysis, and Person-Org fit, the values and culture of organization for teamwork's sake.
What types of validity concern personnel selection?
Criterion: the tool predicts important elements of work behaviour; Content: the test samples knowledge and skills needed for the job; Construct: the tool measures theoretical construct like intelligence.
What types of criterion-related validity are there?
Concurrent: scores match criterion data obtained at the same time; Predictive: scores match criterion data obtained in future; Cross-validation: results verified in different samples.
What sources exist for obtaining personnel selection information?
Application forms, biographical information blanks, background investigations, honesty and integrity tests, graphology, interviews
What are the benefits of application forms?
- quick and systematic way to evaluate against min. req.
- basis for interview questions
- can get more honest answers
What are the pros and cons of online applications?
Get a large volume of submissions with which to promote employee diversity, but many may be underqualified
Are background investigations useful?
References are not usually useful, written are inflated and many employers reluctant to give them for liability concerns. Credit reports useage have become more restricted.
What are the types of employment tests?
Aptitude: the capacity to learn skills; includes cognitive ability tests and personality and interest inventories

Achievement tests are the ability or knowledge possessed now; includes physical ability, job knowledge, work sample tests
What are the different interviewing methods?
Nondirective, structured, situational, behavioural, panel, computer, simulation
What are the components of a structured interview?
-Based on job duties and requirements
- Situational, job knowledge, job sample, and worker requirements questions
- Benchmarked answers
- Interview committee
- Same procedure for all applicants
- Good notes kept
What are the ground rules of interviewing?
- Establish a plan and prepare
- Maintain rapport and be an active listener
- Watch body language
- Provide information freely and honestly
- Question effectively, dont lead to desired answers
- Separate facts from inferences
- Recognize biases and stereotypes
- Control the interview, follow plan
- Standardize questions
What are common biases in interviews?
Beautyism, halo/horn error
How should questions be designed to avoid employment equity problems?
No questions about race, sex, colour, age, religion, or national origin.

Questions should be job-related, asked of everyone, and not discriminatory against a certain group
What are the different decision strategies available?
Clinical or statistical

Statistical includes compensatory model, multiple cutoff model, and multiple hurdle model.