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What were some signs of economic troubles in the late 1920s?
More money spent on credit. Growing difference between rich and poor. Conditions on farms.
What percentage of the work force was unemployed at the height of the Great Depression?
What was the Bonus Army?
WWII Veterans who seeked early pay for their war benefits during the Great Depression. They were treated badly during there march on Washington.
What was the Hawley Smoot Tariff?
A tax on imported goods.
What were some causes of the Great Depression?
Stock market, people buying on credit, black tuesday, farms.
What led to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s?
Bad farming techniques left the ground dry.
What were Hoover’s efforts in fighting the effects of Great Depression?
Tried to get people not to strike and not to lay off workers.
What were the goals of the New Deal?
To make an end to the poverty caused by the great depression, to give people jobs.
What was the Civilian Conservation Corps?
CCC was a group that was paid by the government to do jobs such as building state parks.
What is Social Security?
You put money into it while you work, and when you retire you get money out of it.
What was the court packing scheme?
FDR wanted people who agreed in the New Deal in the senate, but several would die or retire making room for apointments.
What was the Wagner Act?
Could investigate into unfair labor practices. Prohibited unfair labor acts.
How did the isolationists view events in Europe in the years just before the outbreak of World War II?
European conflicts weren't our problem
What was the IMMEDIATE cause of WWII in Europe?
Germanay's invasion of Poland.
What was the IMMEDIATE goal of the Lend-Lease Act?
Britain could borrow some of our military supplies for the war.
Why was the attack at Pearl Harbor NOT a total success for the Japanese?
Repair areas and shore instalations were missed. The air craft carriers weren't docked.
Which nations were members of the Axis powers in 1942?
Italy, Germany, Japan
What was the MAIN goal behind the strategy of island hopping in the Pacific?
Avoid major Japanese areas, take over weaker islands, and get out the other Japenese strongholds by blockadeing on the way to the mainland.
How did the US combat wartime inflation during World War II?
Wage and price control. Raised income tax. Rationing. Took over industries and limited others.
What were internment camps?
japanese were stripped of businesses and sent to camps to make sure none of them could spy on the U.S.
What strategy did both the U.S. and Great Britain agree upon in fighting a two-front war?
Germany was the main priority.
What mistake did Hitler make in preparing for the Allied invasion of northern France in 1944?
He thought they would invade somewhere else, and when they invaded at Normondy he thought it was a trick and kept his man forces where he thought we woulod invade.
What was decided at the Yalta Conference?
Russia would get land from eastern europe, we talked about Russia being involved in U.N. and them being involved in Pacific War. Western Europe would be govern by the other countries.
Why was genocide practiced by the Nazis?
they believed there was a master race, they were blaiming the jews for their problems.
Place the following in order: a. the attack on Pearl Harbor
b. the German invasion of the Soviet Union
c. the D-Day Invasion
d. the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
e. the Battle of Midway
b. the German invasion of the Soviet Union
a. the attack on Pearl Harbo
e. the Battle of Midway
c. the D-Day Invasion
d. the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
In what ways did the US government prepare for post-war mobilization?
They made money available for veterans to use in going to college or other training.
What was the goal of the Truman Doctrine?
began containmnet, didn't want any countries to fall into soviet "Sphere of influence" Aided Greece and Turkey.
What was the major target of investigations conducted by the House Un-American Activities Commission?
People involved with Holywood.
What was the essential element of the policy of containment?
Keep comunisum where it allready is. Don't allow it to spread.
What was the Marshall Plan?
Plan to rebuild allied countries and west european countries after WWII. Provided financial aid.