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a person who uses his or her own money to create a new business
the practice of having more than one wife
in farming, the raising of one or two crops for sale rather than a variety of foods for personal use
an economic system in which private individuals and corporations control the means of production and use them to earn profits
enthusiastic and diligent devotion in pursuit of a cause ideal or goal
one who purchases material goods
the act whereby God is believed to have foreordained all things
to separate people on the basis of race
gold and silver
to relinquish, as by treaty
exclusive legal control of a ocmmercial activity
a state's refusal to recognize an act of Congress that it considers unconstitutional
a government ban on trade with one or more other nations
stirring up discontent against the government
to restore to a useful life through education
Was killed by an anti morman mob
joseph smith
"Fifty-four forty or fight" was a boundary dispute between the us and this nation
great britain
The latitude 50' 40' in fifty four forty or fight refers to the
northern boundary of the oregan territory
Which trail was developed primarily for the transportation of goods
santa fe trail
what is the most immediate cause of the rise of manufacturing in the US
stoppages of trade by the Embargo Act and the War of 1812
the second great awakening centered ont he belief that a person's salvation depended on
his or her own efforts
the whiskey rebellion and its outcome established the fact that the federa lgovernment had the power to
enforce federal laws within states
In his farewell address George washington advised the american people to
avoid permenant alliances with foreign nations
an important result of Hamiltons financial policies was the
strengthening of the federal government
which event was viewed as an attemt by the federalist party to weaken the Democratic Republican party
passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts
"Liberty first and Union afterwards" was a statement made by
john c calhoun
in Marbury v. Madison the US supreme court
declared a section of the Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional
a crude image or dummy fashioned in the likeness of a person often as an expression of hatred
bleeding kansas
Pottawatomie Massacre
Harper's Ferry
federal arsenal in VA
Freeport Doctrine
Stephen A. Douglas's View
Whig Party
Now divided into northern "conscience" and southern "cotton" - hastened demise
Personal liberty laws were passed in order to get around the
fugitive slave act
What was henry clay's promary purpose in offereing the compromise of 1850
to avoid a civil war over the issue of slavery
what was intended to spark a general slave uprising
the raid on Harper's Ferry
Which Principle concerning slavery was established by the Dred Scott decision
congress could not exclude slavery from the territories
during the period from 1800 to 1850, which section or sections favored protextive tarrifs and internal improvements
north and west
gettysburg address
helped americans in the union to realize that the US was a single nation
national union party
elected lincoln for a second term
what two events directly concerned relations with the us and england
rush-bagot agreement and the trent affair
the "cheese box on a raft" describes the
the union gov't was in error in seizing mason and slidell because
they were aboard a british vessel when captured
the "cheese box on a raft" describes the
which pair of early civil war conflicts were clearly union defeats
fort sumter and bull run
all of the followng were major objectives in the uinion plan for conquest of the south except the
capture of gettysburg
to seize private property as a penalty
the forcible seizure of the enemy's goods in retaliation for inflicted injuries
what happened when the newly elected southern legislators arrived in Congress in late 1865
congress refused to recognize their election
in 1867 congress decided that southern states that had not been readmitted to the union would be
supervised by military officers
the preiod of Gran'ts presidency was generally one of economic
during the civil war, general sherman promised "40 acres and a mule" to
freed slave families in the south
when reconstruction began one of the only groups that didn't make up the republican party in the south were
the radical republicans in congress after the civil war were those who
regarded the southern states as conquered territory
during reconstruction, this did not increase int he south
percapita income
soon after johnson took office it was clear that his initial plans for reconstruction would be
similar to lincoln's policies
The civil rights act of 1866 did was not
signed into law by Andrew Johnson
when the house of representatives impeached johnson it
formally accused him of wrongdoing
when recontruction began the following group of americans living in the south tended to support the democratic party
wealthy landowners
during reconstruction most tenant farmers
barely survived by farming their own land