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Chemical Erasure
removal of text by reacting the ink with a solvent
Infrared Luminescence
the refraction of infrared spectrum when exposed to a blue green light source
the blotting out or smearing of text to disrupt the original integrity
Word process documents have unique characteristics...
font, style, ink comparison, unique error templates
Although _______ is not as unique as ________ it is still identifiable as evidence.
computer text, handwritting
Many _______ will leave transitory marks or mechanical impressions unique to that machine.
An erasure will disrupt?
the upper fibers of the questioned document
Most common form of alteration can be detected by?
microscope examination and side lighting
removal of text by abrasion
Outsmarting Deception (7)
-never show suspect the questionable document
-do not provide spelling grammar or punctuation assistance
-use several different pens including 1 similar tothe document
-write in script and print
-repeat three times
-acquire signatures accompaying other texts
Concious deception
plays a role in obtaining exemplars, this can be circuvented by the following techniques
Traced signature forgery
no two words are written exactly alike
Natural variations
normal deviations found between repeated specimens
suspect samples
collected on both ruled and unruled paper, in pen, pencil, and marker, and will contain some words or phrases from the questioned document
Handwritting analysts will collect as many ______ as possible, the more is better.