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-The leader of the French government in-exile, based in London.
-He effectively led the French Resistance until Germany had been forced to lave Paris.
Charles De Gaulle
Germany's tactic of "lightening war"
-it used fast moving airplanes and tanks followed by massive infantry (soldiers)
-the pact signed between Stalin and Hitler
-they agreed not to attack each other and also to divide up eastern Europe.
Non-Aggression Pact
-British prime minister during world war II.
-He provided Britain with great Leadership during wwII.
Winston Churchill
-parts of town where jews were forced to live.
-they were overcrowded and usually kicked adequate supplies of food, water and sanitation.
-the deliberate killing of Jews by Hitler.
-Hitler used this in an attempt to rid Europe of Jews.
The Final Solution
-Camps where undesirable, such as Jews, were sent and forced to work.
-Conditions were awful and people died from overwork and starvation.
Concentration Camp
-Means the "Night of Broken Glass"
-The night when Nazis attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues across Germany.
-put women to work in the army due to the labor shortage created by WWII.
-Gave women the pay and status of soldier, but few benefits granted male soldiers.
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
-African American labor leader.
-Led the protest of discrimination against blacks in military and industry.
A. Philip Randolph
-Created due to declining production of consumer goods during the war.
-It was successful in controlling wartime inflation.
Office of Price Administraion
-Created to ensure the military received the resources the needed to fight the war.
-it decided which companies would convert their prodution to war material's.
War Production Board
-Created due to scarcity of goo0ds available to civilians during wartime.
-it forced American to use few essential goods such as gas, shoes, and meat.