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Franco called Spain a what?
nonneutral nonbelligerent
Which place on the southern coast of Spain did Great Britain still have? Which two islands did Great Britain still have? Which city in Egypt did it still have?
Gibraltar; Cyprus and Malta; Alexandria
British troops were stationed in Palestine and Egypt to protect what?
Suez Canal
Which nation joined the Rome-Berlin Axis?
Which nation defended itself when attacked by Italy?
Which nation did Italy attack and the British protect? In response, what port city did the British take?
Egypt; Tobruk
In what nation is Tobruk?
When the Italian invasion of British Somaliland failed, what did the British take?
What three nations in the Balkans did Germany occupy?
Bulgaria; Hungary; Romania
Which nation did Hitler invade when it wouldn't allow German troops to march through?
Which nation that had resisted the Germans before was now occupied by Germany?
To which island did British troops flee to when the Germans invaded Greece?
Germany now controlled the entire Balkan Peninsula except for which four areas?
Turkey; Istanbul; Dardanelles; Bosporus
What did Germany now want because of its strategic location?
Suez Canal
Germany could not conquer any areas in the Middle East because which country would not let German armies pass through?
Which general led Italian and German forces to Northern Africa to fight at Libya?
After Rommel pushed British troops out of Libya and to Egypt, where did the British make a stand and stop Rommel?
El Alamein
The Soviets got angry and demanded which four areas to be in their sphere of influence?
Bosporus; Bulgaria; Dardanelles; Istanbul
After Hitler told Stalin to chill, he explained to him that Germany would have a sphere where and the Soviet Union would have a sphere where?
Europe; Asia
After Stalin stuck his middle finger up at Hitler at his last comment, what nation did Hitler attack, breaking the Nazi-Soviet Pact? (Stupid Question? I know.)
Soviet Union
The Soviet Union entered the war on which side? (Allied or Axis?)
Which two Soviet ports could the allies NOT reach because of the Axis powers might interfere at Norway?
Archangel; Murmansk
The initial thrusts of the German army took which two cities under seige?
Leningrad; Moscow
The Soviet Union's counterattack during winter was inteded to relieve pressure from which city?
In attempt to cut off the Soviet supply lines, which city did the Germans attack?
The Soviets stopped the Germans at Stalingrad before the Germans could reach which port, which was their goal?
Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union was part of Hitler's master plan for the creation of a what?
New Order
Hitler wanted to organize Europe into a single political and economic system rule from which city?
According to this plan, which nation would supply German with food and raw materials?
Soviet Union
Fill in the blanks: An official economic plan issued by the German government stated: "There is no _____ that... many _____ of people will be _____ to death if we take out of the _____ the things we _____."
doubt; millions; starved; country; need
Hitler's program to annihilate the Jewish population of Europe is known as the what? (not Holocaust)
Final Solution
This program to annihilate the Jewish population of Europe was a "solution" to the what?
Jewish Problem
Which two infamous concentration camps are located in Germany?
Buchenwald; Dachau
Which two infamous concentration camps are located in Poland?
Auschwitz; Treblinka
What was the long name for Hitler's elite corps of officers sworn to absolute obedience? What's the abbreviation?
Schutzstaffel; SS
Which book has a quote of an SS officer sent to a Polish death camp to deliver poison gas?
Never to Forget
Which SS officer wrote an account that was published in this book?
In which western European country did people particularly try to protect Jewish citizens?
How many millions of European Jews were murdered at the time the Nazi government fell?
6 million
What is this systematic Nazi destruction of almost an entire race referred to as?
What three particular groups other than the Jews did the Nazi's exterminate?
Gypsies; homosexuals; Slavs
Japan's first move to extend its control over East Asia was to capture which island off the coast of French Indochina?
Japan thus severed the British sea route from where to where?
Hong Kong; Singapore
The Japanese government declared which islands to be under Japanese "protectice custody"?
Netherlands East Indies
Japan had a five-year nonaggression treaty with which nation?
Soviet Union
Japan became more militaristic after who became premier?
Which place in which state of the United States did the Japanese strike, intending to cause such a severe blow that the United States would not rival the Japanese in the Pacific?
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
On what date did the Pearl Harbor bombings occur?
December 7, 1941
When did the United States declare war on Japan?
December 8, 1941
Which book relates an eyewitness account of the attack on Pearl Harbor?
At Dawn We Slept
Who wrote At Dawn We Slept?
When the United States declared war on Japan, which two nations declared war on the United States?
Germany; Italy
Where did the Japanese land soon after the Pearl Harbor bombing?
Which two American island outposts did the Japanese capture following the Pearl Harbor bombing?
Guam; Wake
Which three mainland areas fell to Japan in less than three months?
Burma; Malaya; Thailand
What is another word for the Netherland East Indies?
What three group of islands did the Japanese go on to conquer?
Gilbert; Netherlands East Indies; Philippines