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What was the date on which the first atomic bomb was dropped?
August 6, 1945
On which Japanese city was the first atomic bomb dropped?
What was the name of the type of plane that dropped these bombs?
What was the name of the specific plane that dropped this bomb?
Enola Gay
Where did the first of the conferences that met because of the weakness of the League of Nations meet?
Washington DC
How many nations met, all having interest in East Asia?
Which nation was excluded from this conference?
Soviet Union
What was this conference called?
Washington Conference
Which treaty created at the Washington Conference provided for a "naval holiday" during no warships would be built? For how many years was this naval holiday supposed to last?
Five-Power Treaty; 10.
Which treaty created at the Washington Conference was signed by all nations at the conference and promised that they wouldn't take additional territory from China?
Nine-Power Treaty.
What was the name of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?
Little boy.
What was the name of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki?
Fat Man.
The Nine-Power Treaty also maintained which existing policy in China?
Open Door policy
Where did the most optimistic of the international conferences take place?
Who was the American secretary of state that attended this meeting? Who was the French foreign minister that attended?
Kellogg; Briand
What was the treaty condemning war that was made at this conference at Paris called?
Kellogg-Briand Pact.
More than how many nations eventually signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact?
The Kellogg-Briand pact made what illegal?
Who was the liberal prime minister of Japan who was fatally shot, leading to political disorder in Japan?
In which city was there a mysterious explosion that damaged a Japanese-controlled railroad that led to Japan occupying this city?
Mukden, Manchuria.
After the Republic of China appealed to the League of Nations for help getting Japan out of Mukden and the Japanese delagate said the League shouldn't interfere, which person from Great Britain headed the investigating commission sent to Manchuria by the League of Nations?
What was this commission that Lytton led called?
Lytton Commission.
At the same time this commission was headed to Manchuria, Japan declared Manchuria independent and renamed it what?
Which nation was the only member of the League of Nations that didn't oppose recognizing Manchukuo's independence, leading to its withdrawl from the League?
Japan's successful aggression against China is considered the actual beginning of which war?
World War II
When Japan announced it would extend its influence to all of China, Japanese and Chinese troops clashed near which city?
Which proved inferior during Japan's conquest through China, China or Japan?
What fraction of China did the Japanese occupy by 1939, two years after the clash in Beijing?
How many troops had Japan lost by 1939, two years after the clash in Beijing? How much money (in dollars) had it spent on China?
500,000; 10 billion
Who was the leader of the Fascist Party in Italy at this time?
Which nation that was one of the few independent nations in Africa, was of great interest to Mussolini?
In which Italian-held territory did an Italian border patrol clash with an Ethiopian border patrol?
After this clash between Italian border patrol and Eithiopians, Mussolini at once sent forces from Somaliland and which other place?
What words mean the stoppage of trade and other economic relations with an offending nation? The League of Nations applied these to Italy for its aggression towards Ethiopia.
economic sanctions
What was the Ethiopian capital that the Italians triumphantly entered?
Addis Ababa
Mussolini declared Ethiopia a part of the Italian Empire and proclaimed which Italian king as emperor of Ethiopia?
Victor Emmanuel III
What type of government did Spain have by the early 1900s? What was the name of the elected parliament of Spain that limited the King's power?
constitutional monarchy; Cortes
Which general led a revolt and established a military dictatorship in Spain?
Primo de Rivera
Who became Spain's figurehead although Primo de Rivera was in charge of the army and had the real power?
Alfonso XIII
After Rivera lost the support of the Spanish army and resigned and King Alfonso abdicated, Spain became a what?
What was the name of the fascist party created by conservatives who were angered by the changes the new leaders in Spain were creating that improved worker conditions?
"Falange" is the Spanish word for what?
What government that included Socialists and Communists won a major election?
Popular Front
After a Falange leader was assassinated by the Popular Front government, army uprisings led by Falangists erupted in which three places?
Canary Islands; Morocco; Spain
What were the Falangist rebels called?
Who led the (Falangists) Nationalists in spain?
What were those that supported the republic known mainly as? What else were they known as?
Loyalists; Republicans
What part of Spain did the Nationalists basically hold? What part did the Loyalists basically hold?
northwest; southeast
Which two nations sent supplies to the Nationalists because they saw a fascist Spain as a good thing because it would surround France with unfriendly powers and threated Great Britain?
Germany; Italy
Which nation felt sympathetic to the Spanish government and sent supplies to the loyalists?
Soviet Union
From which three nations did volunteers come from to assist the Loyalists?
France; Great Britain; United States
What did these antifascist volunteers become known as?
International Brigade
A nonintervention commitee that cut off supplies to the Loyalists because of fears that war might spread to the rest of Europe was suggested by which country?
The capture of which two cities marked the defeat of the Loyalists?
Barcelona; Madrid
During the campaign to seize Madrid, an Italian general said he had how many columns of troops against Madrid?
How many of these columns were to enter the city, while the others were to rise within Madrid against the defenders?
Because of this concept, which two words refer to mean traitors within a country who assist its enemies?
fifth column
Who set up a fascist government in Spain modeled after the dictatorship in Italy and became the head of state with unlimited power?
What title did Franco assume? What does it mean?
el Caudillo; the leader
Fill in the blanks: Franco was reponsible, as one decree said, "only to ____ and ____."
God; history
What did Spain now have that resembled those of fascist Italy?
Which alliance did Franco NOT join?
Rome-Berlin Axis
What was the name of the leader of Japan in 1930, before Japan became a militarized government, who was fatally shot?
Yuko Hamaguchi