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-totalitarian leader of the soviet union during WWII.
-he was ruthless & b/c of this many Russians died while he was in power.
Joseph Stalin
-Fascist leader of Italy during WWII.
-he was very militaristic & anti-communist.
Benito Mussolini
-Fascist leader of Germany.
-A brilliant manager & tactician, but also a deranged psychopath.
Adolf Hitler
-fascist leader of Spain during WWII.
-Kept Spain out of WWII.
Francisco Franco
-series of Acts passed by congress in the 1930's.
-These were meant to keep the U.S. from supporting either side in WWII.
Neutrality Acts
-British prime minister leading up to WWII
-His policy of appeasement toward Hitler was a terrible failure.
Neville Chamberlain