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Where did the Battle of Bunker Hill actually take place?
Breed's Hill
Describe Henry Knox in 1 word.
What did he promise Washington?
59 cannons
Henry Knox said it would take him 1 fort night to deliver the cannons to Boston, but it actually took him how many weeks?
6 weeks
How were the cannons delivered to Washington?
On sleighs attached to oxen
What did Washington threaten to do to the British if they didn't evacuate immediately?
"Blow them out of the water."
After Washington threatened to "blow the British out of the water," where did they flee to?
Nova Scotia
What was the petition called that offered peace to England for the last time?
The Olive Branch Petition
How did King George react to this petition?
He was very angry, and tore it up. He was upset, and sent troops to crush the rebellion.
What document did Thomas Paine write? How was it written?
Common Sense
It was written very persuasively, and agressively
Who, from the Second Continental Congress did "Common Sense" convince about freedom, inparticular?
Richard Henry-Lee.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Who signed the biggest?
John Hancock
How many sections of the Declaration of Independence were there? Were all the ideas of the Declaration highly original?
There were 3 sections
Most of the ideas were from the "Enlightening Period" of England
Which 2 peoples were defending their countries from America?
The patriots and the loyalists/tories
Who was the "Old Fox"?
George Washington