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HM Hyndman
Translated Marx into English
Lower middle class
Everyone should work, should not inherit money or land
Government should be competitive
New Unionism
Now unskilled workers, not skilled
Match-girls' Strike
Poisonous conditions...
Anne Besant = leader
Dock Workers' Strike
Wanted more money
Docks paralyzed
Started a relief fund for the strikers
Keir Hardie
Labor leaders gain experience through unions/strikes, run for office
Scottish Miner
Very different from other MPs
Bradford Labour Conference and the ILPs platform
Foundation of the ILP
Tax reform, redistribute wealth
Free ed
Labouring men but supported by liberals during ILP's formation and challenges it
Gladstone-MacDonald Pact
Liberal party agrees to not run candidate where labour candidate is strong and vice-versa... they will then vote for each other's policies
General election of 1906
Return of the liberal government because Labour MPs are numerous
Henry Campell-Bannerman
PM 1906-1908
PM 1908-1915
"wait and see"
Winston Churchill
Wants "new liberalism" - better world for all (minimum wage, economic and social welfare)
David Lloyd George
Must fund Churchill's scheme; new sources of taxation; "the people's budget"
- Tax land and the wealthy
Women's Social and Political Union
Recruits working class women
Pankhurst sisters
Emily Davison
Threw herself in front of a race track - martyr for women's rights
Cat and Mouse Act
Women started hunger strikes in jail...the government does not want them dying in jail so they release the women... then jail them again... then realease them
Suffragist - change constitution
Suffragette - going to extreme for suffrage (Emily Davison)
British Expeditionary Force
Government expects a short war so they start with a traditional army (expeditionary force)...then need recruits
Defense of the Realm Act
Suspends all sorts of civil liberties
(1) no trial by jury
(2) limits rights of unions
(3) 8 hr work day for miners suspended
(4) gov't can take over industries
(5) rationing of staple goods
New Left Book Club
People who wanted change and read the works of Marx, Orwell, B Potter
Collective Security
If any other country is attacked, other nations come to their defense
Chamberlain tries to give a little bit to Hitler...but Hitler keeps going...
Munich Pact
Gives Germany part of Czecholslovakia...6 months later, Hitler violates the Pact
Churchill's War Gov't
Conservatives and Labour
Ignored domestic affairs
JB Priestley
wartime more important than private property
Beveridge Report
Identified 5 major problems in British society
Attlee's Labour Gov't
(1) social wage: support poor wage people
(2) Council housing: local political unit
(3) NHS: free healthcare

Social policy:
(1) Grammar schools - free education for working-class
(2) Secondary modern schools: provided better and larger education for those not going to college

(1) nationalization: coal, power nationalized
"resolute approach" - fight for yourself and get to work; dismantles welfare state