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What did Motor Learning emerge from
Neurophysiology and pyschology
Who was important in 1820 and what was he? movement of stars
What kind of research was being done in the 1900's which contributed to motor learning1
What was important in the date 1914
Thorndike. "Law of Effect" increase likelyhood of rewarded response
What was the law of effect
if rewarded response will be repeated therefore will increase likelyhood of response
In the 1930's why was the industrial movement important to motor learning
Assembly lines. Shorter hours produce more.
What boomed in the 1940's
Sports and athletics
How did motor learning become more important post WW2
they need suitable soldiers..agilily,strongest,fastest...learning to teach motor
Who is associated with the year 1943
Hull. learning theories relating to fatigue adn recovery
Who was fits and when and how was his contribution?
A mathmatition. introduced fits law..and formulas 1954 mvement acuracy..speed accuracy trade off
In the late 1950's what was pulbicated for research
Perceptual and motor skills
Who pushed Motor learning back into field and when
Bilodeau and Franklin Henry 1960's
Who is the father of motor behavior
Franklin Henry 1960!
Why is Cratty significant in 1964
wrote text on Motor Learning First book
What does NASPSPA stand for and when was it founded
North American Society for Pyschology of Sport and Physical Activity 1966..holds annual conference and gives info
What is SCAPPS in 1969
Canadian Society for psychomotor learning and sport...annual conference promoting in canada
When does Motor Learning become a distinct field