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Emargo Act of 1807
-US will export nothing
-US will import anything
-US vessels may sail no foriegn port
-Foriegn vessels may only clear US port in Ballast
Non-Intercourse Act of 1809
-US will trade with anyone except Great Britian and France
Pinckney's treaty
-The US has the right of navigation on the MS River
-The US gets right of deposit in New Orleans
-Neither of the countries will send their indians to kill eachother
-We both agree to the border between Spanish Florida and the US (32 parallel)
Jay's treaty
-England will demilitarize Great LAkes
-England will recognize the rule of 1757 (England would not attack our ships in nuetral water, but if we entered French territory they could seize them)
Treaty of Ft. Greenville
-Indians get 10 thousand dollars
-US gets all their territory
-Indians get new homeland in Oklahoma
Hamiltons Plan
Report on the Public credit
1. bank
2. currency act
3. Redemption on Par
4. Assumption Bill
5. Excise tax
6. Modest national debt
7. tariffs
8. Payment plan of foreign debt
Hamilton's Plan
Report on Manufactures
1. Subsidies
Currency Act
established the dollar as the national currency
Redemption on Par
The people traded there continentals for US savings bonds
Assumption Bill
-federal government would assume the debts of the northern states and pay the southern states the equivelant amount
Payment plan of foreign debt
we owed france and spain 11 million dollars so we created a repayment scheldule
Excise tax
a tax that was on one particular product
in 1787 there was a 7% tax on everything coming into the country
Winners of the election of 1796
president: John Adams (federalist)
Vice president: Thomas Jefferson (Anti-federalists)
Running for office in the elections of 1796
John adams (massachusetts)
Thomas Pinckney (south carolina)
Running for office in the elections of 1796
thomas jefferson (Viginia)
Aaron Burr (Nnew York)
XYZ Affair
-US will loan Francs 12 million dollars at no interest
-US will give each of frances 5 executive officers 250 thousand dollars each
-President Adams will publically apologize for any anti-french statements he has made
Alliance of 1778
-France will fight with us until we win our independance
-The US agrees to protect Frnech interests in the western hemisphere
secretary of state
Thomas jefferson (Anti fed)
secretary of treasury
Alexander Hamilton (federalist)
Secretary of war
Henrey Knox
Attorney General
Edmund Randolph
Naturalization act
It increases residency requirements from 7 years to 14 years
Alien Act
President may imprison or expel dangerous aliens
Alien Enemies Act
president may imprison/expel dangerous aliens during war
sedition act
illegal to write or publish anything of a false, scandelous, or malicious nature about the government or any of its officers
Essex Junto
meeting of the federalists to discuss war plans
Agreement between Burr and Jeffersoon in the 1800's
Jefferson promises not to get rid of the federalists in the government
War of 1812
1.America wants Canada
2.America invades out of Fort Detroit and into Canada
3.America surrenders Fort Detroit and gains none of Canada
4.We negotiate with Germany at Ghent
Francis Scott Key
wrote the star spangled banner
The Treaty of Ghent
Status Quo Antebellum
The British Plan for taking over America
-British troops march south down the Hudson river valley to New York City then move on to Philadelphia
-Another British troop came to the cheapeake bay, dropped off an army, went to Wahington DC and take over Baltimore by reducing Ft. Mchenrey
-another army out of jamacia will take everything from New Orleans to the MS River