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Moderate Reconstruction
-Black American civil equality

-No right to vote

-Repair Union as quickly and as painlessly as possible
Radical Reconstruction
-Black Americans Right to vote
-Black Americans civil equality
-Punish the South
-51% plan
Plessy v. Ferguson
-"Seperate but equal" did not violate 14th amendment.
-Justice John Marshal Harlan disagreed.
-Solution to shortage of labor
-Land rented to freedmen
-Give portion of crops to owners.
-Draught caused it to fail.
-Owners added charges to make freedmen fall into debt
Compromise of 1877
-Samuel Tilden (Democrat)
-Hayes (Republican)
-20 Electoral votes in dispute
-Electoral commission
-7 Democrats, 7 Republicans. 1 independent replaced by 8th republican.
-Democrats agree: no protest if US troops not used to enforce reconstruction.
-Redeemers back in power, end of reconstruction
14th ammendment
-Gave freedmen the right to vote.
-Reduced the number of represetnatives a state coudl send to Congress in proportion to the number of state's male citizens denied the right to vote.
-Encouraged southern states to give freedmen the right to vote rather than lose representation in Congress.
-Cultural absorbtion of one into another.
-"Kill the indian and save the man"
-Adopted by Government officials.
-Laws forcing indians to abandon traditional appearances
-Long hair cut
-Indian religious practices outlawed
-Indian schools
-English to be spoken only, proper clothes and american names.
Wounded Knee Massacre
-Ghost Dance religion and Wovoka proclaimed white settlers would vanish, buffalo would return, and traditional Indian way sof life would revive.
-"Ghost Shirts" stopped bullets
-Big foot and Red Cloud caught up with by US troups.
-Confusion with rifles.
-300 Sioux killed
Battle of Little Bighorn
-Following Battle of Rosebud
-2000 Indians fleeing agencies at Little Bighorn River.
-Crazy Horse fights off General George Armstrong Custer.
-"Custer's last stand"
Dawes Act
-160 acres of free land to Native American Families
-Private land owners (non-nomadic lifestyle)
-Method of assimilation
Alaska Purchase
-Russia fears territorial dispute
-US Secretary of State William H. Seward negotiated purchase fo r $7.2 Mil
-Klondike Gold Rush
Open Range
-Government policy allowing cattle ranchers to use public land as free grazing land
-Crucial to the cattle boom.
-Ended by the invention of Barbed wire.