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who took over the Nationalist party?
what happened in 1927?
he ordered those who favored communism to be killed which led to feeing to jiagxi province
what happened in 1933?
sent a huge army to kill communist followers
what was the LONG MARCH?
communists left and they set up camp in the mountain town of yan'an w/ the leadership of mao zedong
what did the two parties do in 1937?
they united against their enemy , the japanese
WHat happened when WW II ended?
the 2 parties continued fighting
social reforms =
lowering peasants' rent
How were they able to defeat the Nationalist party?
by peasants joining the communist party
when did the communist party defeat the nationalists?
where did kai-shek lead the nationalists to?
island of Taiwan
when did China become communist?
oct 1,1949
what was the GREAT LEAP FORWARD?
collective farms were combined into 26,000 people's communes(each containing farms n industries that resembled military life)
- communist leaders made the economic decisions
how did the plan and production fail?
- no incentives for hard work
- bad weather hindered farm production at times
who was Mao zedong followed by?
Deng Xiaoping
what did he start?