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New France
from the start it differed form british colonies typical french colonies included fur trades and catholic preists who wanted to convert native americans.
George washington
established an out post call vort nesecity 40 miles from vort duqusne.
french and indian way
the forth war between breat brtitain ans frech for controll over North America.
Willam pitt
under pitt the british started winning wars wich promted poweful iraques to support them
reconized the french loss was a native american loss
Proclamation of 1763
Banned all settolment west of the appilations, this ban established a proclamation line wich the clonist were not to cross
George grenville
served as a prime minister in 1763 he soon angeres the colonist
Sugar act
this dod 3 things haved the dutty on forien home mad molasses placed duties on certain inports ans streghtned the enforcement of laws
ideas about nature gained prevalence in the 1700s
Bejamin franklin
An outstanding enlightement figure-he embraced the nation of obtaning truth thrugh expemetation and resoning
Jonathan edwards
member of the clergy who sought to revive the intesnsity and commitment of the original puritain veision
Great awakening
prwachers traveled from vilage to village stiring people to reeducate themselves to god