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James I
king of Scotland
end of house of Tudor
beginning of house of Stuart
James I
did not like idea of parliament
believed in divine right of kings and absolute rule
didn’t really cause trouble but put the STRONG IDEA n his sons head
divine right of kings
the doctrine that a monarch derives his or her power directly from a deity
Charles I
HATED parliament
asked 4 money for the war 3 times and parliament said NO! 3 times
dismissed parliament
Gave absolute power to the king
Grand Remonstrance
list of popular and parliament complaints against Charles I given to Charles I
Militia Ordinance
allowed parliament to raise its own army to defend themselves
English Civil War
Cavaliers (pro-monarchy) vs Roundheads (Pro- Parliament) parliament wins
Oliver Cromwell
leader of the Roundheads (Pro- Parliament)

serves as first lord protector
Commonwealth of England
republic and led by parliament and Lord Protector
gave religious freedom to both catholics and puritans
declared that king and all court officials must take an oath against the Doctrine of Transubstantiation
Charles II
new king of England (1660-1665) suspected of being catholic issued after cromwell died
James II
demanded a repeal of Test Act- parliament refused
parliament begins to plot to get rid of him
ran away from William of Orange
William of Orange
person parliament calls on 2 get rid of James II
from the Netherlands, protestant, from House of Stuart, nephew of James II and married to Mary(daughter of James II)
no bloodshed
William of Orange becomes William III
William and Mary rule as king and queen of England
Bill of Rights
1.) makes the rule of William and Mary legit
2.) parliament had to be called into session every 3 years
3.) prohibited catholics from being able to rule England
passed by William of parliament
after death of William, anew would become queen
Anne of House of Stuart
sister of Mary
Queen of England after William of Orange died
George 1 of Hanover
king after Anne dies
Louis XIV
“Sun King”
House of Bourbon
became king @ 4
believed in Divine Rights of
Kings and ruled with
absolute power
Louis XIV
married Maria Teresa (daughter of King Philip of Spain) on one condition
Maria agreed to give up her claim to the Spanish Throne
Philip IV
agreed to pay a large dowry to Louis XIV
War of Devolution
Conflict over the Spanish Netherlands

Louis XIV invaded the Netherlands
Result: war
War of Devolution
France vs Triple Alliance (England, Holland, Sweden)
Treaty of Aix-lo-Chapelle
ended War of Devolution
France had to give back areas of Spanish Netherlands it conquered
Defense alliance to protect against the French- consisted of HRE, Holland, Spain, England, Sweden
War of League of Augsburg
Louis XIV invaded Germanic states territory

France vs League of Augsburg
ended the war of league of Augsburg- France had to return all the land it took since 1679
Philip of Anjou
Candidates for King of Spain
1.)great grandson of Philip IV
2.)grandson of Louis XIV
3.)supported by france- would give france more power
4.)not supported by England HRE cuz France has 2 much power
Charles VI
Candidates for King of Spain
1.)Great grandson of Philip III
2.)Son of HRE Leopold I
3.)Supported by HRE- gain power
4.)Not supported by France and England- 2 much power to HRE
Joseph Ferdinand
Candidates for King of Spain
1.)Great grandson of Philip IV
2.)Grandson of HRE Leopold I
3.)“Compromise Candidate”
4.)No country has an advantage
Philip of Anjou
becomes heir after Joseph Ferdinand dies
War of Spanish succession
Other countries are upset because Philip of Anjou is king of spain
War of Spanish succession
France and Spain vs. England, Holland, HRE (Grand Alliance)
results of War of Spanish succession
1.) Phillip of Anjou (Phillip V) remains king of Spain
2.) Beginning of Spanish Bourbons
3.) Louis XIV agreed to support the Hanovers as the King of England
4.) England got control of Gibraltar
5.) France and Spain are now allies
Charles VI
HRE has no male heirs
1.) Don’t to avoid war
2.) To stop the empire from breaking up
3.) Legal decleration designed to ensure that the Austrian throne and title of Holy Roman Emperor pass to and through the line of HIS daughter Maria Theresa
Frederick I
1st king of Prussia
built roads, schools, etc
Frederick William I
son of Frederick I
absolute rule
built a large army
“soldier king”
Prussia had 13th largest population
3-4th largest military
Frederick II- Frederick the Great
son of Frederick William I
absolute ruler- “Enlightened Absolute Monarch”- everything 4 the people, nothing by the ppl
had control over a very strong and effiecent military
had NO problem with war
Prussia, France, Bavaria, Saxony
countries dat refuse to accept the Progmatic Sanction even though they accepted it before Charles VI died
war of Austrian Succession
due to Prussia invaded the Hapsburg Territory of Silesia

Austria n England vs Prussia n France
Treaty of Aachen
ended the War of the Austrian Succession
nothing was settled
Teresa signed just to build up military
Seven Years War
Prussia and Britain vs Spain Russia France and Austria
Treaty of Westminster
treaty between Prussia British.
due to British fears of French attacks on Hanover Prussia and Great Britain would prevent any other foreign power passage through Germany.
Treaty of Hubertusburg
signed by Prussia, Austria, and Saxony
ended 7 years war
Silesia remained Prussian
Treaty of Paris
signed by the kingdoms of Great Britain, France and Spain
also ended the 7 yrs war
Ottoman Empire
Islamic Empire
Rose in Asia Minor
Ruled by a Sultan (Emperor)
Absolute Power
Constantinople (Istanbul)
capital of Byzantine empire
eastern orthodox church
location-major port city
connects Europe and Asia-crossroads
lots of $
Mehmed The Conqueror
Young Sultan
Wants Constantinople
they never had 2 deal with CANNONS
began to siege the city
conquered Constantinople
Constantinople (Istanbul)
became the capital of Ottoman Empire
Became a muslim city
renamed Istanbul
Suleyman the Magnificent (Solomon)
Rule over the most land of Ottaman Empire
Rival of HRE
never able to take the city
“Greatest of all the Sultans”
After his death, Ottomans begain a slow decline
Reasons for decline of ottoman empire 1600’s-1800’s:
1.)Over population
a.Too many people to take care
2.)Bad leadership
a.Ineffective sultans
b.Mistrust in ruling families
3.)Lack of industrialization
a.Not keeping up with new technology (Industrial Age)
a.Too much land to defend-divided military
i.Two major fronts- west (Hapsburg) and east (Persians)
b.1700’s and 1800’s
i.Begin to lose territory to foreign powers
c.1914-1918- on the losing sidef of world war I
d.Ottoman empire broken upand became the Republic of Turkey (Asia Minor and Instanbul)