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H. Dianthi (Qu Mai)
1. Breaks up Blood: Menstrual Sx
Fr. Kochiae Scopariae (Di Fu Zi)
* SKIN *
1. Stop itch: Damp Skin, itch predom, eczema, scabies
Fol. Pyrrosia (Shi Wei)
1. Clears Lung
2. Expel Phlegm
3. Stop Bleeding: Bloody pain, urinary dysfxn, hemoptysis
4. Stops Cough
H. Polygoni Avicularis (Bian Xu)
* Parasite *
Expel Parasites
Winter Mallow seeds (Dong Kui Zi)
* HEAT *
Rz. Dioscorea Hypoglauco (Bei Xie )
1. Separate pure from turbid: Cludy urine
2. Expel WD
H. Lysimachiae (Jin Qian Cao)
1. Clears DH
Rz. Alismatis Orientalitis (Ze Xie)
1. Promote urine
2. Reaches out Damp
3. Drains KD Fire: clears urine through urine
H. Artemisiae Capillaris (Yin Chen Hao)
1. Clears DH from LV/GB
Rx. Stephaniae Tetrandra (Han Fang Ji)
1. Expels WD & alleviate pain
2. Promote urine & Reduces Edema
* Reduce Edema: use Shen Jiang Pi*
Sclerotium Poria (Fu Ling)
* Str. Spleen *
1. Promote Urine, reaches out Damp
2. Strengthen Spleen & transform Phlegm
3. Calm Spirit
Cx. Poria Skin (FLP)
* Str. Spleen *
1. Strongest: stronger diuretic & is more suitable for promoting urine
2. Reduces Edema
Sc. Poria Paradicis (Fu Shen)
* Strong Calm Spirit *
Sc. Polypori Umbellati (Zhu Ling)
1. Promote Urination, reaches out Damp: Any kind of Damp in LB
* Strong *
Talcum (Hua Shi)
1. Promote urine
2. Releases summerheat
3. Skin Lesion
4. Expels DH via urine
Barley (Yi Yi Ren)
1. Promote Urine, reaches out damp
2. Stre. Spleen & stops diarrhea
3. Expels Pus
4. Expels WD: Bi Pain
Sem. Benincasae Hispidae (Dong Gua Ren)
1. Promote Discharge of PUS: Vaginal DS/any discharge
2. Drains Damp **
Akebia caulis ( Mu Tong)
1. Drains heat from heart via small intestine
2. Unblocks blood vessles: Bi Pain
3. WDH: Any condition (LQS)
Medulla Juncus (Deng Xin Cao)
1. Promote Urine
2. Clears heat from HT channel via SI
3. External use: Sore throat!
H. Agastache pogostemon (Huo Xiang)
1. Release Summer damp: N/V, MS
Cx. Magnolia bark (Hou Po)
1. Promote movement of Qi: Strong Regulating Qi
2. Transform phlegm
3. Redirects the qi downward
Rz. atractylodis (Cang Zhu)
1. Strongly dries Damp
2. Strengthen Spleen
3. Expels WD: Bi Pain
4. Clears damp in LJ
Add Bai Z.: Tonify Spleen
Fr. Amomi Kravanh (Bai Dou Kou)
1. Warms Middle: SP/ST, N/V
2. Promote movement of Qi
Sem. Alpinae Katsumadai (Cao Dou Kou)
Warms Middle: SP/ST
Fr. Amomi Tsao-ko (Cao Guo)
1. Checks malarial disorders
Fr. Amomi (Sha Ren)
1. Transform Damp
2. Promote movement of Qi
3. Strenthen Spleen
4. Calms fetus
5. Prevents stagnation
Rx. Ang. Pubescentis (Du Huo)
1. Alleviate Pain: unblock channel, relieve pain
2. Disperses WCD: Whole B/A
3. H/A, T/A
Rx. Gentiana macrophylla root (Qin Jiao)
1. Reduces jaundice
2. Moist Intestine: add Yu Ri Ren, Huo Ma Ren for constipation
Cx. Clematidis (Wei Ling Xian)
1. Unblocks channel
2. Alleviate Pain * STRONG*
Cx. Erythrina (Hai Tong Pi)
1. Unblocks channel
2. Tx itchy skin lesions: from parasites
3. For Toothache: due to dental caries
Fr. Chaenomeles (Mu Gua)
1. Relaxes sinews
2. Unblocks channel: effective
3. Help digest fxn: Stasis
Morus twig (Sang Zhi)
1. Unblocks channel: WD Bi in upper limb
2. Edema
Cx. Acanthopanax (Wu Jia Pi)
1. Strengthen sinews & bones * STRONG*
2. Promote urine, reduce edema
Fr. Xanthium (Cang Er Zi)
Open nasal passage
Siegesbeckia (Xi Xian Cao)
1. Unblock channel: HTN
2. Dispels WDH Bi Pain
3. Calms spirit (less effective)
Agkistrodon (Bai Hua She)
1. Wind from channel
2. Powerfully unblocks channel
3. Disepel Wind from Skin: Any kind of spasms, tremors, seizure, bi pain
Rx. Trichosanthes (Tian Hua Fen)
1. Clears & drains Lung Heat
2. Moist Lu Dryness: generate fluid, thirst
CC: Pregnancy
3. Expel pus: moist lung
Rz. Pinellia (Ban Xia)
1. Toxic
2. Harmonize ST: stops vomit
3. Dissipate Nodule
Rz. Arisamatis (Tian Nan Xing)
1. Disperses Wind Phlegm in channel: extremely drying, wind stroke
Frutescentis (Su Zi)
1. Stops cough & wheeze: inhale
2. Redirects Qi Down: exhale, asthma
3. Moist Intestine
Rice sprouts (Gu Ya)
1. Rduces food stagnation: undigest starchy food, poor digestion
2. Strenthen Stomach