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A combination of physical, mental and social well being is _____.
The state of being free from injury .(Remember the mac computer?)
________ is actively making choices and descisions that promote good health.
What is the opposite of being sic? (Note: it is NOT "healthy.")
What is the definition of attitudes?
Feelings and beliefs.
The answer rephrased: emotional states and religions (partly).
What is the defintion of lifestyle factors?
Life~related habits.
What is the word that matches the following definition?
"The way you act in the many different situations and events in your life."
The sum total of your surroundings are your ___________.
Think of where an animal lives. That is its ___________.
________ is the passing on of traits from your parents.
To me, this word reminds me of cultures... ?
Name this system:
The group of organs that transports blood throughout the body to deliver essential materials to body cells and to remove waste materials from the cells; includes the heart, blood vessels, and blood.
Circulatory system.
What is the word that matches the following definition?
The muscle that drives the circulatory system; pumps blood throughout your body.
Arteries are __________________________.
The largest blood cells that carry the blood away from the heart.
What is the "thing" that has the opposite function of an artery? Name the word and write its definition.
Vein; the blood vessels that take the blood from the body back to the heart.
e.g. Vena Cava ____.
What is the function of blood vessels?
Blood vessels form a network to carry blood throughout your body.
What is the word that matches the following definition?
The smallest blood vessels; tiny tubes that carry blood from the arteries to the body's cells and from the cells to the veins.
Pillars (similar to the word-somewhat).
What is the word that matches the following definition? (You might also want to add the abbreviation).
The force of the blood on the inside walls of the blood vessels.
Blood Pressure or B.P.
Mom always says that her __ is going up when she screams at me.
What is the name of the following system?
"The organs that provide the body with a continuous supply of oxygen and rid the body of the waste product carbon dioxide (co2)."
Respiratory system.
Define "trachea."
Raven (that's so raven) dresses up as Mr/ Wind____. (wind is part of the answer, it is just easier to relate to what with all of her disguises).
The __________ is a small flap of tissue that closes over the trachea when you swallow so that no food enters the trachea.
The passages and branches through which air enters your lungs are known as the _______.
What are lungs?
The main organs of respiration.
_______ are microscopic air sacs that, when all of them are streched, can cover a tennis court.
The word sounds like a mix of the viola and [the chipmunk] Alvin.
Define "joints."
Points of contact between bones.
Ligaments are _________________________.
Strong cords of tissue that connect bones at joints.
What is the word that matches the following definition?
"A large muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen."
Remember the muscle that Sr. Denise kept stressing.
What system is being defined below?
"Bones that are together with joints and connecting tissues."
Skeletal sytems.
The show "bones" and the pirate symbol (jolly roger).
What is your nose made out of? Write the word and define it.
Cartilage; a tough but flexible tissue similar to bone.
What attches muscles to bones?
Remember Orlando Bloom <3 as Prince Paris in Troy? Who's heel does he cut off? Now take the name and match it with ______. Voila!
What is dislocation?
Ligaments at a joint that are severely stretched or torn and a bone is pushed out of its joints.
Out of location? In the wrong position? Think on those terms.
What is the muscular system?
The group of tough tissues that make the body parts move.
______ muscles are like those in your digestive system and blood vessels.
Smooth (muscles).
Like the surface of a ______, flat rock, the...
The firmness that muscles wear at all times is ______ ____.
Muscle tone.
What is the word that matches the following definition?
"The muscle of the heart."
Cardiac Muscles.
Heart _______.
What is the word that matches the following definition?
"Muscles that work with the bones of your skeleton to allow movement."
Skeletal Muscles.
Bone(s) _______.
What is muscular dystrophy?
A gradual weakening of voluntary muscle tissue.
Interesting fact: those with muscular dystrophy do lose the ability to walk or stand due to the gradual wearing away of their muscles.