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to travel back and forth daily between homes and suburbs and jobs in the city
civil rights
the rights of citizens to equal treatment
a sheet of paper or other method that is used to record a vote
the unfair treatment because of their background, race, or religion
diverse economy
an economy that is based on many kinds of industries
the growing of plants and animals in water
county seat
a city or town in which the county government meets
food processing
the cooking, canning, drying, of foods to prepare for market
ethnic group
a group of people from the same country, of the same race, or with a shared culture
the inclusion of all races as equals in a group
high tech
having to do with computers and other electronic resources
folk art
art created by pepole who have had ot formal training in art
the depending of states or other countries on one another for resources and products
international trade
trade with other countries
a signed request for action
it is of or like a country area
the way people of region use resouces to meet their needs
having been made into a legal group
an object that circles around a larger object
to sign up
an activity people do for fun
to stop working at a full time job
of or like a city area
sun belt
a wide area of the south that has a mild climate all year
urban sprawl
the spread of urban areas and the growth of centers of business
to illegally take control of something
wildlife refuge
an area set aside to protect animals and other living things
the number of people who live in a certain area, city, town, state or country
population density
the number of people who live in an area of a certain size (per square mile, for example)
service industry
a group of businesses that provided services rather than produce or sell goods
to reject
metropolitan area
a large city together with its surrounding towns
a reasonable guess about what might happen next
Mariel Boatlift
is when 125,000 Cubans sailed from the city of Mariel, Cuba in 1980 to get away from Castro's government
Janet Reno
the first woman appointed attorney general of the United States - she was from Florida
someone who leaves his or her home country to escape danger or harsh treatment
What did Marjory Stoneman Douglas helped create?
she helped create the preservation plans for the Everglades
What do people not use tax dollars for?
Florida tax money is only used to pay for the government and for services for the people of Florida. It is also spent to protect and improve the environment
the spread of cities
the selling of goods or services to people who travel for pleasure
what is a democracy?
a form of government in which the people rule by making decisions themselves or by electing leaders to make decisions for them
what is the process of becoming a US. citizen
1. ask a judge in writing to become a citizen
2. pass a test in English
3. pass a U.S. history and government test
4. must promise to be loyal to the U.S.