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opportunistic infections in AIDS
pneumocystitis, CMV, Cryptococcus, MAI, TB, Herpes(esophagitis)

Candida(thrush, esophagitis)

Cryptosporidium( acid fast, diarrhea)
Cocaine MOA
decreased uptake of DOPA and NOR
most common cause of monoclonal elecrtophoresis
monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance
UVB light
produces thymine dimers, need to be replaced by DNA repair enzymes to prevent cancer

absent in xeroderma pigmentosum
ESR increase with age
probably abnormal and indicates a disease
key elements in wound healing
granulation tissue and fibronectin
cytochrome oxidase inhibited by
CO and CN-
Chronic granulomatous disease of childhood
absent NADPH oxidase and respiratory burst

cant kill S. aureus (catalase positive) but can kill strep (catalase negative)
coagulation necrosis in MI
non-disjunction in somatic cells
MC of vitamin deficiency in alcoholics
MC of metal deficiency in alcoholics
vitamin associated with pyruvate dehydrogenase
respiratory burst
NADPH oxidase conversion of molecular oxygen into superoxide free radicals

Only in neutrophils and monocytes
Clear cell adenocarcinoma of vagina
DES exposure; vaginal adenosis is the precursor
Vitamin E toxicity
decreases levels of the vitamin K dependent factors, increases incidence of hemorrhagic strokes, potentiates the action of warfarin
Biotin reaction
carboxylase reaction in the conversion of pyruvate to oxalacetate
Pyridoxine B6 involved in
transamination of reactions involving trasaminases ALT and AST
functions of ANP
inhibits ADH, inhibits ATII effect on stimulating thirst, inhibits aldosterone secretion, inhibits renal absorption of Na+, inhibits renin release
chance of male with CF having a child
>5%, vas deferens is fucked up
Women is pure vegan and breast feeds, baby gets what
anemia from B12 deficiency
EBV attaches to what on B cells
Hypogonadism and color blindness, lack of smell
Kallman syndrome, absent GnRH
hypogonadism, MR, retinitis pigmentosum
Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome?
turner's syndrome for boys
Noonan syndrome
male pseudohermaphrodite with cryptochoridism
testicular femininization (absent androgen receptors, XR, most common cause of male pseudohermaphrodism)
microdeletion syndrome with hypogonadism, mental retardation, short stature, and obesity
Prader Willi( chromosome 15 paternal)

angelman is maternal
patient with neurofibromatosis has severe diastolic hypertension:
probably pheochromocytoma
Side effects of cyclophosphamide
hemorrhagic cystitis and transitional carcinoma of the bladder ( remember also aniline dye)